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What's the Use? is the fifth episode of the first season of Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy. It is the fifth episode of the series overall.


Sheldon tries to assemble a dream team for his quest into the unknown. An autopsy unearths a puzzling object that connects to Chloe's new acquaintance.


Sheldon admits to his therapist that he thinks he’s at odds with the whole world. He cites that his marriage with Grace is strained, Chloe is out of control, and Brandon killed someone (to which 78% of the country agrees with it). The therapist asks him when the notion of “doing good” became important in his life. Sheldon talks about a few days before his father’s funeral. He sat there with his father’s whiskey and read every paragraph that Grace wrote in that damning article. Eventually deciding right there and then that he was going to reverse every sin of his father.

In 1929, the Millar farm is still haunting Sheldon with visions of his father, and everything in between, still taunts him. He’s trying to handle it for Jane’s sake. However, he is struggling with it. He visits his father’s coffin, sees the maggots eating away at the deceased man, and takes out his father’s watch.

In the present, over on the family farm, Grace wants to show her husband Sheldon some photos from her latest heroic venture. But Sheldon doesn’t appear to be all that interested. He then reveals that he has sent Brandon to the autopsy of Blackstar’s clone as he needs to see it. His wife is annoyed that he’s made that decision without consulting her, but Sheldon wants Brandon to see the consequences of his actions. Grace feels he is punishing their son and reminds him that Brandon is also human.

Meanwhile, Brandon tells Walter that every time he replays the battle with Blackstar, it becomes unclear in his head. Walter tells him that he made a decision, and nothing can change that. Mr. Wolfe then drops in for a visit to analyze the Blackstar corpse. He uses his powers to pull the body apart so that they can analyze the body further. Much to everyone's surprise deeply embedded inside the corpse is a device. When Mr. Wolfe opens up the device, there’s a pocket watch inside.

In 1929, a younger Sheldon is fiddling with the same watch which turns out to be his father’s watch. He speaks to George about the Millar farm, and proceeds to claim how he was right that there is more to his findings. Sheldon reckons something is calling to all of them like a puzzle, or a test, for all of them. He feels something is out there in the middle of the ocean that will change the world. Sheldon then asks for George’s help.

In the present, Walter shows Sheldon and Grace the watch and they realize that it looks absolutely identical to his father’s watch. Walter believes that George sent the device with the clone of Blackstar, but they are not sure why he would do so. Sheldon then visits Hutch, who is George’s son and tells him that they need to talk. Hutch tries to teleport and flee, but Sheldon keeps on finding him every single time.

The two men sit down in a cafe, and Hutch explains he hasn’t seen his father since he was 12 years old. Sheldon then asks him to humor him and use his device to teleport to his father. When they use it, they end up at a strip club, and George is not there.

In 1929, Sheldon and George visit Grace at work, right when she’s quitting her job at the newspaper company. Sheldon wants to talk to her about an opportunity they have for her. George asks Sheldon if he’s sure about bringing in Grace for help, but Sheldon is sure, claiming she was in the cellar in his visions. Sheldon tells Grace that he’s mounting an expedition, and he wants her to chronicle it.

They then ask Fitz Small if he wants to join the expedition; Sheldon says that once they get back, they can hire back everyone at the mill, including his father. Fitz is against the idea, but his father asks him to think about the opportunity. In the end, Fitz changes his mind, but he asks Sheldon and George for payment upfront in case something happens to him.

When George and Sheldon meet Walter, he tells them that the company is being shut down. Sheldon tells Walter that it doesn’t matter and explains another episode he had that gave him coordinates. He believes something is out there that is going to change their lives. He wants Walter to come with him. Walter however, is upset, saying he needed his brother at the board meeting, but he didn’t show up.

Later on, Walter tells George that he’s feeding Sheldon’s delusions. George implies that he believes Sheldon’s visions and that Sheldon needs this journey to heal. Sheldon comes across problems with Jane as he reveals that she is not in his visions of the future. Upset, Jane leaves behind the ring and walks out on him

In the present, after her overdose, Chloe wakes up in the hospital, where Hutch tells her she took something that doesn’t belong to her. Chloe asks what he’s going to do about it. Somehow the two young adults end up having sex.

Later, Hutch reveals that her father visited him and that he’s looking for his own father. Hutch then reveals that Sheldon doesn’t scare him. Chloe enjoys those words, and they hook up again.

Elsewhere, Sheldon believes Jane punished him for not being good enough. He then talks about the Code, and how the world never used to be so intentionally cruel. Moreover, Sheldon points out that it used to be that if you gave your children everything they needed, they’d be okay and that when you protect your country, they call you a hero. His therapist then tells Sheldon that he’s created a construct to protect himself from reality, but that reality always wins and that the world does not work with a “black and white” mindset.

Sheldon thanks Jack for all his help and advice, stating that he feels he’s the only one he can talk to. Jack states that it’s interesting that the one person he comes to for advice is the man who tried to kill him for 20 years. Up on the wall is a frame with a front-page newspaper headline that reads “Criminal Genius Jack Hobbs Locked Up In Supermax”.



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