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"Service, compassion, mercy, those are the words we live by. That is our Code, and it’s the most important thing in the world." The Utopian[source]

The Union of Justice, also known as the Union, is a superheroes team operating in New York City. The founding members are The Utopian, Lady Liberty, Brainwave, Skyfox, The Flare and Blue Bolt.


"We don’t govern, and we don’t kill. That’s the Code. That’s not just our values. That’s our system of checks and balances so that nobody here can even think about ruling the world." The Utopian[source]


The Union of Justice began in 1929 during the Stock Market crash and what would be the great depression, after witnessing his father commit suicide Sheldon began receiving visions of an island and hearing the voice of his father to find a boat, gather a crew and go there. Driven by this compulsion and haunted by seeing visions of his father Sheldon along with several of his closet friends, family and compatriots found a boat and sought out this island. After facing many trials that tested them both physically and mentally Sheldon, Walter, Grace, Fitz, George and Richard completed the tasks and opened a door to one of Jupiter's Moon that had a strange structure. Upon meeting the aberrations of their loved ones who deemed them worthy the six were changed and given godlike powers and abilities. They would fly above their crewmates and the whole world would be changed forever.

Returning to America and establishing a base in New York the Union would strive to use their powers to restore America to greatness, but they would follow a conduct created by Sheldon called the Code. They would not govern nor kill, they would not become involved in politics or meddle in world affairs, only to inspire people to be better, to give Americans something to aspire to. While some members such as Walter and George took issue with this policy they all none the less followed it and for ninety years they have fought super villains, robots, aliens, wizards and even fallen members striving to keep America on a better course. But as the decades pasted and times changed many citizens begin to question if the Code is out of date, especially Walter/Brainwave.

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