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"The Praetorian" is the fourth episode of the first season of Supercrooks and the fourth episode of the show overall.


Johnny and his friends are confronted by Praetorian, a superhero who relishes using his seemingly endless abilities to punish them.


The supercrooks are shocked at Praetorian, who simply smiles at them. The Union of Justice broadcasts everything, describing Praetorian as very powerful.

Praetorian tells the crooks that they should prepare to die. The villains scatter, but Praetorian uses spark division in order to chase them.

Praetorian kicked Frostbite in the face.

Praetorian approaches Frostbite, as he uses an ice blast. However, this does not stop Praetorian for long and uses his fire breath, which consumes the crook entirely. After that, Praetorian kicks him high into the air and back onto the ground, leaving moveless. After that, Praetorian steps on his head and kicks him until he dies, ignoring Frostbites plead at negotiating.

Praetorian approaches Kismet, who uses his powers to give him bad luck. However, Praetorian reflects it back. Fish start falling from the sky on top of him, inclding a huge shark which tries to swallow him. Praetorian crushes the shark and says that Kismet had been crushed to death.

Transmit and Johnny try escaping, but they are found by Praetorian, who kicks Transmit and sends him high above ground. He then kicks him repeatedly against a car until he kills him.

Praetorian approached Johnny after having defeated all of his friends.

Johnny is approaches by Praetorian as well, who punches him in the face. Johnny uses his tries to electrocute him by shocking the ground, which just makes Praetorian chuckle. Johnny says that he would not be going back to prison and tries running away, but sees that all his friends had been brought back defeated by the other Praetorians. Johnny complains that four against one was cowardly, so Praetorian agrees to fight him one on one.

Johnny asks him what he wants and Praetorian asks how long it had been since he had gotten out of Supermax, and hugs him with one arm until Johnny admits that he had been released the day before. Preatorian says that that was pitiful and understands that it would not be fair to send him back to prison. Praetorian says that he cares more about the sin than the sinner and knows that he has somebody who cares for him. Praetorian tells him to not go around doing things that would make her sad and tells him and his gang that they would never get a chance like that again.

Kasey got mad at Johnny after the heist, which she considered stupid.

the jewelery, now having $8,000 per person.


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Additional Cast[]

  • Michael Scott
  • Barbara Goodson