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The Praetorian is The Bastard's personal head of security, a corrupt superhero, and a secondary antagonist in Supercrooks.


Well built with brown hair and brown eyes, The Praetorian is a superhero of dubious character. Although he has purportedly saved the entire world on "many occasions", he is also known to be corrupt, to have abused his authority, and was kicked off his team by The Gladiator for 300 counts of criminal misbehavior. He was also lecherous, willing to let super villains go in exchange for fellatio.


After being kicked off his team, The Praetorian was taken to court for his crimes. Miraculously, he escaped 57 counts of abuse of authority due to his past service. His own team mates began presenting evidence against him for his other charges, but he miraculously acquired the services of a world class lawyer which he never could have paid for himself, and managed to escape all 300 charges in total.

As it turns out, The Praetorian had become a bodyguard and personal head of security for The Bastard, a vastly wealthy super villain in retirement who aided The Praetorian. He remained often at The Bastard's side, even stooping low enough to clear thugs away from his car for The Bastard, while also handling admission into The Bastard's mansion.

Eventually, Kasey showed up on The Bastard's scanner in his home island of Tenerife. The Bastard and The Praetorian went to investigate, taking Kasey into custody. Eventually Kasey revealed that she was there to rob The Bastard, and that a heist was currently underway, so The Bastard dispatched The Praetorian to deal with them.

Teleporting in front of them, The Praetorian cloned himself and assaulted the entire team, nearly defeating them until The Gladiator, his old partner, revealed himself as working with the heist. The Praetorian fearfully tried to talk The Gladiator down, but The Gladiator was disgusted by The Praetorian's corruption, calling him a "disgrace to that uniform" before punching him hard enough to incapacitate him and leave him with permanent brain damage.


The Praetorian is reported to have around 200 different powers, including but not limited to:

  • Self-multiplication: The Praetorian frequently creates clones of himself to attack groups.
  • Teleportation
  • Laser vision.
  • Laser beams, shot from the hands.
  • Lightning manipulation.
  • Super strength
  • Technopathy
  • Super hearing
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Super speed
  • Hydrokinesis