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TK McCabe is a former super-criminal and a supporting character in Supercrooks.


Easily angered, TK McCabe's main concern is caring for his wife and child. Physically, TK is short with black hair and green eyes, and he typically wears shirts with a circular symbol on it.


TK quit crime due to the overabundance of superheroes making illicit careers untenable. He landed a construction job, struggling to provide for his family, but his boss frequently abused him. When Johnny Bolt offered TK the opportunity to make money faster again, he immediately accepted.

He was confused about using an apartment (rather than a hotel) as their base of operations for a heist in Tenerife, and didn't initially know the exact particulars of the heist itself. He thought it hilarious when Johnny Bolt blackmailed The Gladiator about his homosexuality, and when he found out that Johnny's heist plan entailed robbing The Bastard he did not complain as his compatriots did. His only issue with the heist was in taking only a single case, until it was explained to him that it was a space-case; a container roughly the size of a suitcase that can store the contents of an entire house inside, where The Bastard had hoarded his riches.

During the heist itself, TK used his telekinesis to float everyone down a deep shaft into the earth beneath The Bastard's mansion, where his vault resided. After the heist crew retrieved the take, they ran into The Praetorian, who fought them all including TK. Eventually The Gladiator intervened and defeated The Praetorian, allowing the crew to escape. With his take, he bought a cruise ship and took his family on a European vacation, something he expressed interest in doing during the heist.


Called "The Telekinetic", TK McCabe can lift objects with his mind. The circular symbol on his shirts glow whenever he uses his power.