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! This article is about the TV series. For other uses, see Supercrooks (comic series).

Super Crooks/Supercrooks is an upcoming anime adaptation of Mark Millar and Leinil Yu's Supercrooks heist comic, set in the "Millarworld Cinematic Universe", and will tie into the Jupiter's Legacy TV series.[1]


In this anime adaptation, small-time crook Johnny Bolt recruits the ultimate crew for one last heist -- for real! From comic book legend, Mark Millar.


  • Johnny Bolt
    • Kenjiro Tsuda (Japanese)
    • Jonah Scott (English)
  • Kasey
    • Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese)
    • Abby Trott (English)
  • Christopher Matts
    • Hiroshi Yanaka
  • Carmine/The Heat
    • Yasuji Kimura (Japanese)
    • Doug Stone (English)
  • Gladiator
    • Pierre Taki (Japanese)
    • Beau Billingslea (English)
  • Josh/The Ghost
    • Junichi Suwabe (Japanese)
    • Bill Butts (English)
  • Salamander
    • Hisao Egawa
  • TK McCabe
    • Eiji Takemoto (Japanese)
    • Bill Rogers (English)
  • Sammy Diesel
    • Subaru Kimura (Japanese)
    • Ben Pronsky (English)
  • Roddy Diesel
    • Tetsu Inada (Japanese)
    • Bruno Oliver (English)
  • Praetorian
    • Wataru Hatano (Japanese)
    • D. C. Douglas (English)
  • Forecast
    • KENN (Japanese)
    • Zeno Robinson (English)


Episode Name
1 "Electro Boy"
2 "Kasey"
3 "Man Mountain"
4 "The Praetorian"
5 "The Heat"
6 "The Gladiator"
7 "The Supermax"
8 "The Union of Justice"
9 "Count Orlok"
10 "Carmine"


  • A Supercrooks anime adaptation produced by Bones is already in the works and planned for release in 2021.[2]

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