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Richard Conrad, also known as Blue Bolt, is a character on Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy. He is portrayed by David Julian Hirsh.


Early life[]

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Cover Her Face[]

In 1929, a ship captain mentions how half a dozen ships have been lost to the place that Sheldon and the others are heading to. He decides that it isn’t worth the money. Sheldon wants this captain specifically to lead them in the ocean, so they offer him a lot of money as a result. Sheldon and the group head on to the ship, which isn’t the finest, but the captain states it will do its job.

On the boat, Grace notices that Sheldon is talking to himself and asks George about it, but he brushes it off. Later on in their adventure, the ship begins to struggle, so they have to dig deep to keep it going. Eventually they end up rescuing Richard, who was the only one to have survived from the boat he was on. Sheldon is glad to finally meet him, as he tells the rest that Richard was another one of the people he saw in his visions.

In 1929, Sheldon points his gun at everyone to stop them from changing course. He can hear his father tell him not to let them take away his destiny. Grace tells Sheldon that what he’s hearing doesn’t matter, as it’s real to him. His father tells him to kill them before it is too late. Grace keeps on trying to persuade Sheldon to put the gun down, and he finally does.

Suddenly, the skies clear, and the sun comes out. Sheldon looks at his father’s watch, and it ticks loudly. The noise is loud for everyone, and they cover their ears. The watch eventually cracks on 02:18.

Later, Grace alerts Sheldon of an island ahead of them. Everyone, including Richard is in complete shock as they have surprisingly made it through the storm, and an island appeared in turn.

Omnes Pro Uno[]

In 1929, Sheldon and his crew prepare to venture on the island. Doctor Richard however cannot explain how the island appeared from nowhere. Sheldon tells him that he is a part of this, but Richard is not interested in rowing to the island after losing people from his ship. Sheldon explains that he has nothing to lose but everything to gain. The captain gives Sheldon three days on the island before he leaves without them.

Later, the group finally reaches an enclave, but there does not appear to be a way through.t Sheldon refuses to believe it. As Walter gets angry, they are suddenly shrouded by a big wall above them, and they are locked in. Richard gets angry and blames Sheldon for this, and fights him. Grace sees two skeletons that look like they have killed each other. She believes that the island is testing them because ever since they’ve gotten off the boat, all they’ve done is fight. She also notices the skeletons are a group of six, just like they are. Sheldon states the island wants them to get through adversity, so there must be a way out of this.

When Sheldon and George touch the wall, white and purple patterns appear before them. The rest of the crew touch the wall together. However, when Walter touches the wall, nothing happens. Grace tells Sheldon that they need to unify as brothers for it to work fully. The brothers unite, and the wall begins to open, showing a beam of light as it does. They then walk through the gap that has opened up. Out of nowhere, Walter and Sheldon’s father appears, but he does not look menacing this time, and it’s not part of Sheldon’s imagination because Walter can see him too. Their father tells them that they have completed the ordeal while suffering unthinkable losses and prevailing. Other people appear as well and echo Chester’s sentiments and call the group “worthy”.

Suddenly, there’s a high-energy blast, and the captain who is on the ship looks concerned with his crewmates. However, as they look in the distance, they see the superheroes in the sky.

How It All Ends[]

In 1929, the new superheroes sit around a table, and Grace wonders why they received these powers. Sheldon feels they can do a lot of good with them, but he doesn’t want to govern or kill. George makes a joke about it, but Sheldon is serious, hailing their amazing gifts. Richard marvels at the rod he received from the aliens, but everyone else is a bit confused as to why he was the only one to have received an item.


Powers and Abilities[]

Super Strength

Super Sonic Flight

Super Speed




  • Power Rod


Season 1[]

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