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Petra Small, also known as The Flare II, is a character on Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy. She is portrayed by Tenika Davis.

She is a superhero who takes over the mantle after her father's injury. But in this world, superheroics aren't all fun and games, and often come with a whole bunch of deadly consequences.



Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Paper and Stone[]

As Brandon Sampson makes a speech about his friends who died in the fight against the cloned Blackstar. He feels like he failed. After the ceremony, Fitz Small thanks Brandon, claiming he did the right thing or his daughter Petra Small would have died as well in the aforementioned fight.

Omnes Pro Uno[]

Petra confides in Brandon that she is thinking of leaving the Union of Justice as she does not believe in the Code anymore. Brandon admits he has had doubts over the Code as well. Especially more recently, but he remembers what his father told him and how “the Code was not meant to make our lives easier. You have to care about people. About this world”.

How It All Ends[]

Elsewhere, Brandon speaks to Sheldon to comfort him about Walter and states he will be okay. Sheldon mentions how one time he had to make many sacrifices. He then references Skyfox and how his friend felt like the Code held him back and ended up breaking it. Sheldon states Skyfox became their worst enemy, and so he cannot lose his son as well, just like he lost George, who was like a brother to him. Brandon reassures him that he’s been talking like his own father recently. Unfortunately, their conversation is cut short as they are alerted by Petra that the real Blackstar is now free.

Later, at the The Supermax, which has been locked down as the guards and superheroes look for Blackstar. Brandon surveys the place but ends up getting attacked from behind by Blackstar. Sheldon arrives, and Blackstar wants to test him on his Code. He asks if his son comes first or the Code. Sheldon knows if he kills Blackstar to save his son, the Union will lose its trust in the Code. Luckily, Sheldon doesn’t have to make a choice as Petra comes to help in the fight. Brandon remembers his father’s words when he claimed he was not close to being ready. So he puts Blackstar in a compromising position, and he has a choice to kill him. However, he chooses at that moment to follow the Code.


Powers and Abilities[]

  • Super Speed
  • Flight
  • Photonic Energy Blast





Season 1[]

Memorable Quotes[]


  • According to the Jupiter's Legacy press packet for Volume 1, Fitz’s daughter The Flare II, aka Petra Small, has a special super-suit in the series.
    • Costume designer Lizz Wolf was inspired by sneaker technology for the young hero’s costuming, and Petra’s super-suit was made using 3D engineered knitting. Thus, itI’s actually one woven piece from head to toe.