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Paper and Stone is the second episode of the first season of Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy. It is the second episode of the series overall.


Brandon and Chloe clash with their dad after the Blackstar incident. Sheldon confronts a reporter over an exposé on the family business.


Blackstar looks at what looks like a cloned version of him, and proceeds to ask who killed him? Blackstar then claims that it’s not him and that it’s simply a cheap copy of him.

Brandon is frustrated, as he remembers hearing his father’s words that he will “never be ready.” Blackstar mocks Brandon, stating he would have swallowed him whole, and is soon dragged away to return to maximum security prison. The Utopian is keen for answers, and Walter feels they need to cut the corpse open to find out.

Outside, the press is curious as to who the Union was fighting if it wasn’t the real Blackstar. Grace fields the answers to the journalists. There’s a single question that irks The Utopian due to a poll that claims 78% of Americans agree with Paragon’s execution of the supervillain.

When the dust settles, Sheldon tells Brandon that his actions reflect on the family. Brandon argues that he had to make a choice, it was either his father or Blackstar and he asks Sheldon if he would have done the same if it was him or Blackstar. Sheldon avoids the question and states how one day he will be gone, and Brandon will be the new Utopian. He reminds him that the only thing they have left is the Code. The father and son keep on disagreeing, with Sheldon telling his son to stay at the farm while things calm down.

In 1929, a young Sheldon prepares for his father’s funeral with Walter. Discussions turn to business, and Walter brings up how the board wants to shut everything down. Sheldon is furious, but Walter reminds him that their father is not around anymore. Sheldon sees a newspaper article that claims their “father ripped off his workers” which was written by journalist Grace Kennedy , who unbeknownst to him at the time, will go on to be his future wife. He confronts her about it in her workplace. She tells him that everything in the article is true. Sheldon gets angry about the headline, “The Death of Capitalism,” and he tells all the journalists that capitalism built their lives and asks how they are helping America. Sheldon tells Grace and the others that they should be ashamed of themselves for what they write and the people they hurt in the process.

However, when Sheldon speaks to Walter about it, his brother claims the reports are true, since their father used the pension fund to back the expansion of the mills. Sheldon doesn’t buy it, but Walter states that is simply because he was the only one dumb enough to buy his father’s bullshit. Walter wants to shut the mill, which causes angry commotions from the workers who want their pensions.

In the present, Sheldon visits his daughter Chloe in her apartment. He asks her if she’s coming to the funeral for those who died against the cloned Blackstar as Brandon is struggling and needs support. Chloe tells her father to give his son time, since he was close with Barry Bishop/Tectonic. The discussion turns into an argument quickly, and Chloe tells her father that he cannot stop attacking his children. All she wants to do is fight him. Sheldon states he is not trying to attack her and that he wants solutions because he is tired of her pointing fingers.

Before the funeral, Grace tells her son that “he can do this.” It’s a glum ceremony, and Sheldon remembers the day he buried his own father all those years ago. He looks up at the sky, and he’s upset that Chloe didn’t come.

Years earlier, a young Sheldon collapses at his father’s funeral and has a seizure.

In present day, Brandon makes a speech about his friends who died in the fight. He feels like he failed. After the ceremony, Fitz Small thanks Brandon, claiming he did the right thing or his daughter Petra Small would have died as well.

Back into the past, Sheldon wakes up in the hospital, and his fiancée and Walter tell him what happened at the funeral service. Sheldon is happy to be alive. He tells them that he saw something; “an island,” and he believes he saw some message from his father.

Behind Walter and Sheldon’s fiancée, a figure stands there looking severely injured. It’s Sheldon’s father.



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