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Painting the Clouds With Sunshine is the third episode of the first season of Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy. It is the third episode of the series overall.


Worried about Sheldon's behavior, George pays him a visit. A foiled theft lands Hutch on the wrong side of a superpowered crime boss.


Somewhere in the city, a group of criminals is planning a heist. However, Skyfox‘s son Hutch wants to go at it alone. He uses technology to evade the robbers on the scene. Unfortunately for him, The Utopian arrives to stop the robbery. Hutch uses his device to teleport back to his loft, but knowing that he has failed. When he returns to his friends, they tell him that they should have helped. Hutch gets a call from Big Man, who asks where his money is and is then approached by two men who want to rough him up. Hutch looks at them and says, “to the Big Man,” and uses his device to teleport away.

In 1929, Walter and Jane were concerned about Sheldon, so they spoke to George about it. They think whatever is happening to him is not physical, but mental. They also mention how he hasn’t eaten or slept in days. Jane pleads with George and asks him to visit. George visits Sheldon, and he can hear him talking to someone. Sheldon can see his father in the room. An emotional Sheldon, who is feeling tormented, hugs George. George tells him that he’s grieving, but Sheldon is still hurt that his father killed himself in front of him. George talks about the death of his parents, and he wondered what life would have been like if he had his own siblings. By this point, an exhausted Sheldon falls asleep. As he sleeps, George takes a few of Sheldon’s drawings.

In the present, Hutch visits Big Man, who seems to be feasting on someone in the bathroom. He asks where his Quantum Modular is. Hutch says he will get it, but Big Man threatens to rip apart his crew one piece at a time. Big man tells Hutch about the Kulokav Brothers who are delivering a briefcase at the Hun, and he wants Hutch to take it off their hands.

Hutch then tells Jacinda and Gabby that he has a lifeline by Big Man. However, Jack is not up for the mission, believing that the Kulokav Brothers will kill them. Hutch uses emotional manipulation and tells Jack that Jacinda and Gabby expressed to him how much they need him. Eventually, the crew successfully drives away from the Kulokav brothers, but Jack has been hurt. Their van ends up hitting Chloe, but it hurts the van more than her because she’s superhuman. When Jack leaves the van, he attacks her, stating that she’s “Utopian’s kid”. Jacinda gets in on the action to try to stop her. Gabby then punches her but again, there’s little effect, and Chloe uppercuts her into the sky.

In 1929, after looking through Sheldon’s drawings, George finds him well and mentally stable with Jane. Sheldon claims that George’s words impacted him and that he can no longer “see” the past anymore. He thanks him for his help. When Jane leaves the room, Sheldon tells George that he thought about jumping off the roof himself.

Sheldon sees George has his drawings and tells him to throw the “crazy doodles” into the fire. George does not believe the drawings are crazy and states it is a puzzle that needs to be solved. He believes it is a memory. Suddenly, Sheldon can see his dead father again and has another seizure. He sees flashes of a windmill and multi-colors and a group of people facing it. Sheldon subsequently flees.

Meanwhile, Walter is furious at George for giving Sheldon meaning to his drawings. He explains that his brother has lost his mind. Jane overhears the conversation and gets upset, knowing Sheldon is missing.

In the present, Hutch is approached by the Big Man’s men, where he explains that Chloe Sampson hurt them and took whatever was inside the case. The men tell Hutch that his friends will be in trouble now. He teleports one of the men into shark-infested waters. Hutch then reveals that the device only listens to him, and kills Big Man by teleporting the device into his heart. He then explains how the world is changing and that he needs to change with it. He tells the other man named Linus that he needs him to do something for him and offers him an advance. Later on, Hutch meets another man that gives him a device that is extremely powerful and could wipe out whole cities.

In 1929, George became a little emotional while talking to his servant Cuthbert. He’s tired of the lonely life that has been handed to him, regardless of the wealth he has inherited from his parents.

In the present day, Hutch works on the device in his workspace as he says, “almost there pops, almost there,” and somewhere in the room a picture of a young George is shown.



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  • On May 9, 2021, Mark Millar gushed about Matt Lanter in a tweet, in which he says that Matt is absolutely incredible. Moreover, that his opening in this episode is possibly his favourite of the whole series. Especially that sequence where he heads down for his selection of eggs for breakfast![1]

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