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Mike Wade is an American actor. He portrays Fitz Small on Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy.


Mike Wade is a California native (born on Sunset Blvd). He graduated from College with a B.A. in Psychology. He was bitten by the “acting bug” when he took two acting classes as a senior in College. After working in a corporate environment for a while, Mike finally decided to follow his dream of being an actor.

Mike feels fortunate to have found his true passion in life. He has studied at the Howard Fine Acting Studio in Los Angeles, California and is a graduate of the Joanne Baron/ D.W. Brown Studio in Santa Monica, California.

“My desire to perfect my craft is the driving force in my life. I believe that being determined, networking and loving what you do will lead to success.” Mike has always been highly influential among friends, co-workers and family. As an actor he sees his influence increasing. With that power, Mike intends to help children get on and stay on the right path.



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