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"Man Mountain" is the third episode of the first season of Supercrooks and the third episode of the show overall.


Things don't go as planned with the heist, and Johnny and his crew end up getting chased by cops and superheroes through the streets of San Francisco.


Johnny and his friends try to leave the jewlery store, making their way on their bikes. However, they are chased by the cops. They remain optimistic since they believed that no superheroes were around, but unbeknownst to them, the police were requesting superhero backup.

Johnny and his friends had to run from the SFPD when they were caught.

Johnny and the other villains continue to move forward while being chased by the SFPD, but when Johnny causes all their cars to malfunction, they are able to move forward no problem. As they move through a tunnel, the police wait for them on the other side, but they do not slow down, as Transmit helps them phase through the cops.

At her restaurant, Kasey sees that Johnny was running from the cops, which makes her lose her focus. When two customers complain, she scares them and hands them their drinks.

Man Mountain chased after the villains trying to stop them.

Johnny asks his friends if the heist was planned by the Network, but they do not give him an answer. He also complains that he does not want to go back to jail one day after he had gotten out. The villains see that the cops are bringing a superhero, known as the Man Mountain. They try to keep moving forward, but Man Mountain causes them to slow down. Johnny shocks him, which only hurts him for a second, but the other villains also attack him in order to defeat him. After hitting him with bad luck, Man Mountain is hit by planes and burned by chemicals, which manages to immobilize him.

The villains keep moving as they are attacked by another superhero called Rubberball, who even takes the time to take photos with fans. Johnny is impressed by how fast new superheroes are showing up every day and tries attacking Rubberball, but cannot do so because of his speed.

The villains notice that Rubberball is also hurting civillians, but he stays confident that he would defeat them and manages to take one bike down. As the group moves forward, Rubberball knocks down buildings in order to stop them, but does not manage to do so with that move. Johnny is finally able to shock him, but that only slows him down temporarily.

It seemed nothing could stop Rubberball from attacking Johnny and his friends.

Even when struck with bad luck, Rubberball is a seemingly invincible hero, even if he was killing more people than the villains. The villains combine their powers which makes it impossible for Rubberball to dodge all the ice and he is finally taken down. He begs them for mercy, but Johnny electrocutes him and they crush his legs with a bike.

The SFPF call The Praetorian.

Johnny tells Frostbite that that was exactly how he wanted to live his life and they say that bad luck worked in their favor. Johnny thanks them for opening his eyes as they cross the Golden State Bridge. However, as they celebrated, they were suddenly teleported out of their bikes and in front of The Praetorian, who tells them it was time to seize the day.


Main Cast[]

Additional Cast[]

  • Kasey Rogers
  • Jack McLoughlin
  • Nancy Linari
  • Michael Scott
  • Kellen Goff
  • Barbara Goodson
  • Samantha Daniel
  • Katie Leigh
  • Michael Sorich
  • Wilber Saldivar
  • Nathan Turner
  • Vicky Syal
  • Michael Pizzuto