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"Kasey" is the second episode of the first season of Supercrooks and the second episode of the show overall.


As soon as he's released from prison, Johnny meets up with his old supervillain friends, who try to pull him into a very intriguing gem heist.


At Supermax Prison, people are introduced to where supervillains are kept. Johnny leaves his cell, saying that he would be having a nice time with his girlfriend. He is asked by the guards if he would be returning, but he says he is not planning on it. His security vest is unlocked and he puts his normal clothes on. He asks a guard why they do not clean the vests, but the guard tells him that they would need to update the control system, which would not affect them with their backup system. Johnny promises to behave and is let out of prison.

As he walks out, he is told about Mr. Matts, who is the most famous supervillain. He is told that he is also known as The Bastard, which he is able to recognize. He finds it strange that a villain on the outside was doing charity work for villains in prison.

Johnny and Kasey reunited after his time in prison.

Johnny makes it out of prison and sees his girlfriend Kasey waiting for her. Both of them kiss and hit the road. He says that it feels good to be out of prison and she starts touching him.

As soon as they walk into their house they start kissing and removing their clothes. However, when Johnny walks into another room, he sees three men waiting for him and welcoming back. Kasey was not expecting them either and the four friends hug.

At Supermax Prison, the supervillains enjoy a feast sent by Mr. Matts. One of the prisoners calls The Bastard legendary, saying that even though he was older now, he was still very dangerous. He tells the story of a man called Danny, who stole from The Bastard. Every person who was connected to Danny had their heads exploded and the rumor was that The Bastard had caused the 241 deaths. Danny and his girlfriend tried running away, but Danny's girlfriend died in front of him. Danny begged for The Bastard to kill him, but he refused to oblige.

The Salamander approaches the director, saying that he was glad the warden had been taking care of everything. The warden thanks Mr. Matts, saying that it would not be possible without his help. The man says that Mr. Matts valued their connections with their comrades and the warden is approached by two girls. He thanks the man and wonders if Mr. Matts was really taking his fortune overseas, but is told that it was just a rumor.

Johnny was happy to get home and start drinking with his friends.

Kasey is angry that Johnny and the boys are all drinking. Johnny makes fun of his friend who only spreads bad luck and they all say that they've been doing a good job, but have another heist planned. They say that they do not want Kasey listening to them, but show him that they wanted to steal jewelery since its value did not change. The plan is to steal from 10 stores, only staying in one for a minute each. The plan was perfect since there would not be superheroes interfering either, and Johnny says that the plan sounds great. Kasey tells him to keep a low profile and get a real job.

Johnny's friends ask him if he wants to work for Kasey, but he says he does not want to do it. She tells them that they should not drink so much and asks them if they could not see that they were wasted. She winks at them, which makes them believe what she said and they all fall asleep.

Johnny asks Kasey since when she had been able to use that power, but she simply tells him that they finally had some alone time.

The Bastard is approached by The Salamander after Supermax and says that the party had gone great. Mr. Matts says that they need to look at things objectively and describes the Network as a natural order.

Kasey got mad at Johnny for taking a small job.

Johnny tells Kasey that the next day would be a busy one, so she asks him if he would seriously go with his friends. He says that it is a good offer and tells her that she should join them since it was in order to celebrate that he had just gotten out of prison. She tells him that the plan had really come from the Network, which meant that they would have to give them some of the money. Johnny says that it does not sound like a great deal, but she tells him that the Network was the reason why she worked at her restaurant and asks him to be smart about his jobs. She tells him that everything is about balance and tells him to look at things objectively. However, he says that if she is on their side, they could not lose, but she begs him to understand that with his power, he could be doing bigger things, so they should lay low until a bigger opportunity comes along.

However, five hours later, Johnny does the heist with his friends. On store number ten, they are forced to leave early, which they manage to do successfully.


Main Cast[]

Additional Cast[]

  • Kasey Rogers
  • Jack McLoughlin
  • Melanie Minichino
  • Kellen Goff
  • Wilber Saldivar
  • Michael Scott
  • Nathan Turner
  • Barbara Goodson
  • David Cooley
  • Michael Pizzuto
  • David Sobolov


  • It's not stated how far into the future this is, but 5 to 7 years is a safe guess. Johnny is now a confident jokester, has fellow super criminal friends, and even a girlfriend. Since Kasey is telling him to save for the future, he's at least mid to late 20s now; since he's not a reckless young adult.