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Kasey is a super crook. She is also Johnny's girlfriend and works a restaurant when she is not working on super heists. Carmine was her mentor in Chicago and they contacted together again when he came up with a heist which would earn them a lot of money. Her power is the ability to put illusion's In people's minds.


Kasey's younger years[]

In the past, Kasey is told to approach a drug dealer. Once she does, she makes his head hurt and he collapses. She reveals that he had not killed them, but had made them crazy. Her group tells her that that was the last job that they had for her.

When Carmine met Kasey, he was immediately interested in working with her.

Kasey walks up to someone else and asks if they could split their earnings, but the man had heard of her before. He tells her that he would not work with her and leaves. Carmine tells her not to hate herself and tells her to cherish her power, working with people who could intuitively understand her. She does not understand, but he tells her that that is the point.

Outside, Kasey is freezing and Carmine approaches her once again. He tells her that he has work for her, since it was something only she could do. Since she had nothing else to do, she accepts.

As an adult[]

Johnny and Kasey reunited after his time in prison.

Johnny makes it out of prison and sees his girlfriend Kasey waiting for her. Both of them kiss and hit the road. He says that it feels good to be out of prison and she starts touching him.

As soon as they walk into their house they start kissing and removing their clothes. However, when Johnny walks into another room, he sees three men waiting for him and welcoming back. Kasey was not expecting them either and the four friends hug.

Johnny was happy to get home and start drinking with his friends.

Kasey is angry that Johnny and the boys are all drinking. Johnny makes fun of his friend who only spreads bad luck and they all say that they've been doing a good job, but have another heist planned. They say that they do not want Kasey listening to them, but show him that they wanted to steal jewelery since its value did not change. The plan is to steal from 10 stores, only staying in one for a minute each. The plan was perfect since there would not be superheroes interfering either, and Johnny says that the plan sounds great. Kasey tells him to keep a low profile and get a real job.

Johnny's friends ask him if he wants to work for Kasey, but he says he does not want to do it. She tells them that they should not drink so much and asks them if they could not see that they were wasted. She winks at them, which makes them believe what she said and they all fall asleep.

Johnny asks Kasey since when she had been able to use that power, but she simply tells him that they finally had some alone time.

Kasey got mad at Johnny for taking a small job.

Johnny tells Kasey that the next day would be a busy one, so she asks him if he would seriously go with his friends. He says that it is a good offer and tells her that she should join them since it was in order to celebrate that he had just gotten out of prison. She tells him that the plan had really come from the Network, which meant that they would have to give them some of the money. Johnny says that it does not sound like a great deal, but she tells him that the Network was the reason why she worked at her restaurant and asks him to be smart about his jobs. She tells him that everything is about balance and tells him to look at things objectively. However, he says that if she is on their side, they could not lose, but she begs him to understand that with his power, he could be doing bigger things, so they should lay low until a bigger opportunity comes along.

At her restaurant, Kasey sees that Johnny was running from the cops, which makes her lose her focus. When two customers complain, she scares them and hands them their drinks.

Kasey got mad at Johnny after the heist, which she considered stupid.

Kasey picks them up and tells them that she had helped them. She tells Johnny to get in and the rest of the gang teleport in the car later. Frostbite, Transmit, and Kismet celebrate her power, which Johnny does not want to talk about. She refuses to help them out later since Praetorian could develop a power against her. Kasey tells them they are all very stupid, but they tell her that they had gotten the jewelery, now having $8,000 per person.

Kasey told Johnny about The Heat, who she says was infamous in the 1970's.

Kasey tells Johnny that she could not keep living the way they were. She tells him that if he wants to keep playing around with amateurs, she could not be with him anymore. Especially since he had lied to her, which he apologizes for. She tells him to use his head in order to not end up at Supermax and make more money so he could retire early. Kasey mentions that with one big payoff they could retire early, but he wonders when they could ever come across a big job like that. She asks him if he had ever heard of The Heat, who was an infamous 1970's supervillain who always escaped and never got caught. Kasey says that he had been her teacher and he was gathering a team for a big job, which could land them 50 million dollars, split between everyone in the crew. Johnny accepts the offer because he would be able to work with her.

In Chicago, Johnny and Kasey walk into The Heat Cleaners, where The Heat was waiting for them.

Kasey and Carmine were finally reunited.

Carmine tells Kasey that he is glad she could make it. He is happy to see her again, but does not want to visit her in San Francisco. Johnny introduces himself as well as Carmine explains how he hides in plain sight. When Johnny wanted to touch a laundry machine, Carmine tells him he does not want him to damage it, which Johnny does not like. He asks Kasey why she had told Carmine about his power, but she tells him that she had not even mentioned Johnny to Carmine, which is what made him The Heat.

Carmine tells Johnny about his past, and how Chicago is the birthplace of supervillains. Kasey says that Chicago's first supervillain was The Heat, but he had cut ties with the mafia and gathered villains who were in similar circumstances together. Johnny finds Carmine's blasters, which were very powerful and is shocked to find out that Carmine did not have any superpowers, which he mentions were not needed back in his day. Carmine mentions that it is not even necessary for the legend of The Heat to be true because The Heat is a kind of ideal that other villains have constructed. Johnny cannot believe that that was his job, since he was only lying about his career; he in turn, says that he is a supervillain because he wants to be able to live his own life freely, but Carmine simply says that he would have a hard time making money with his ego.

Johnny and Kasey were introduced to the criminals Carmine had chosen.

In his office, Carmine welcomes Kasey and Johnny to the underworld of Chicago. Carmine introduces them and tells them all that people with superpowers were popping up all over the place and thanks to groups like The Union of Justice, business had been terrible for them, which was the cause for The Network's creation, but villains who wanted to avoid joining them had a harder time as well. The Diesel Brothers get offended when The Ghost tells them that they are unknown enough for the job, which The Network was avoiding. Johnny gets angry at The Ghost when he calls him "sport" condescendingly and wants to punch him, but manages to restrain himself.

Kasey asks Carmine to keep telling them about the job. Carmine says that the first requirement is to not be mixed up with The Network, but each and every single person in the room had a unique power, which fit into a unique role for the job. The Ghost makes fun of Johnny and says that everyone had a specific job except for him, which makes him very angry. As he shows his power off, the lights across Chicago start turning off. He asks the man what his power was, which he demonstrates as he walks through him.

Ghost told everybody about his past, saying that Carmine had saved him.

The Ghost explains that it did not matter where he was, he was always being used, due to his power being so great until he tried to play both sides with some bad people until Carmine saved him and let him join his gang. Johnny calms down and Carmine thanks him for his demonstration of power, but he says that he bets it could do a whole lot more than just turn lights off, which is exactly what they needed.

Carmine tells them that the mission was made out of two parts. He says that the first part would be rescuing someone else they would need for the job. He had been caught while on vacation in Florida and his name was TK McCabe, who Johnny knows. Carmine explains that TK had been caught and defeated by The Gladiator, so he is now being transported in a plane and insists that TK was very important, so they all prepare to go to Florida. In order to get the mission running, they have a supplier from Romania, who had already given them money to go.

Carmine told everyone that they were funded and not to worry.

Carmine tells them about his visit to Romania and his partner, who did not hesitate to join the mission, which meant they were funded. All the villains are happy to start and Carmine adds that the timing could not be better because The Bastard had all his reputable villains occuppied. Johnny is happy that they were out-maneuvering The Network, and Carmine tells them to go to Florida; when they got back, he would fill them in on the rest of the plan. He adds that it could be the biggest plan he's ever done in 75 years and would be great for their legacy. Johnny asks what he means by that since all the newspapers he had around were about him being caught, which he did not want. Carmine gets angry and starts yelling, but a train interrupts him.

Kasey reads on a small boat and tracks TK's plane. Later Roddy reaches Kasey's boat, where his brother was waiting for him. Looking to his side, he sees that The Gladiator was asleep, dreaming about saving an underwater kingdom thanks to her powers. Kasey tells Carmine that everything was alright with them, but does not get an answer.

Carmine congratulates Johnny, Kasey, Ghost, TK, and The Diesel Brothers on a job well done and tells them that they needed one more person for the next part of the job. He tells all of them that the job was risky but he had a plan which would be the next day. Carmine tells them that they needed to decide if they were in or out. Kasey tells Carmine that even if everybody was in, if something sounded off, she was out. Johnny asks who the target was, which Carmine says could be seen from there. Kasey realizes that Carmine wanted them to break into the Union of Justice. The villains think Carmine has lost his mind and want to quit the job since it was suicide.

Carmine told the group about Brainwave, who could read minds and scared them.

The Diesel Brothers and TK prepare to leave when Carmine tells them that Brainwave, one of the heroes could read thoughts, and would probably be there within less than a minute since he could read their thoughts. Ghost grabs Carmine by the head, while TK tries to clear his thoughts. Kasey tells Carmine to just tell them what he wanted to say, and he points out that Brainwave was not there right now and was in Beijing.

Carmine tells the group about Count Orlok's helmet.

Carmine and The Diesel Brothers say that they are all in, and Carmine tells Kasey that they would be making 50 million dollars. All the villains are excited by that, but Ghost asks what the real plan is. Carmine tells him that they would steal Count Orlok's helmet, who was a legendary supervillain from Romania and their sponsor. His helmet made his powers double, so they wanted to get it back. Ghost says he is in but does not want to touch the helmet. Kasey says that they need to know the most important part, how to defeat the powerful superheroes, but Carmine says that he had thought of everything.

Forecast told Carmine that he was in, which excited everyone.

Carmine tells Kasey the plan, and Johnny says that not even The Network would dare attack the Union of Justice. Ghost adds that The Bastard was getting ready to retire. Carmine tells them that if they moved quickly, there was a big chance that they would not need to ask The Network for money. Johnny tells Kasey that he was in and tells her that they needed to do it, but Kasey refuses. She asks where the last member is and Carmine says that he would call Forecast again. Forecast picks up the phone and tells them that he was in. Carmine tells Kasey that Forecast had the ability to change the weather and she counts herself in.

At the Plaza Hotel, Johnny and Kasey check in. Once they make it to the room, Johnny is excited, but Kasey is not feeling as excited as he is. She looks at their reservation paper and says that they were only a pretend married couple. However, Johnny says that the next day it could be for real, since it would change everything for them. They celebrate with a beer and vow to leave crime behind so as not to end up in Supermax.

Carmine started calling the group in order to make sure they all slept alright.

As Kasey and Johnny prepare to have sex, they get a phone call from Carmine, who tells them to sleep well and not drink, but Johnny hangs up on him.

Outside Union of Justice, Johnny, the Diesel Brothers, Carmine, Ghost and Kasey work a hot dog truck. Sammy complains that Roddy is not helping him as the latter plays solitaire. Outside, Ghost asks Kasey to make him see something pleasant if it looked like he was going to be killed, which she agrees to. Johnny says that he would not need fantasies because all he would want to see is the real Kasey until his final breath.

Johnny tells the group that he had wanted to visit the Union of Justice since he was a kid. Carmine, Ghost, the Diesel Brothers, and Kasey move forward. Carmine tells them that as soon as the superheroes left, they would take down the security system and cut themselves out of the surveillance footage, which would be Kasey's job.

Johnny and Carmine believed they had found the helmet after looking for a short while.

Johnny, the Diesel Brothers, Carmine, Ghost and Kasey start looking for the helmet, trying to focus on Count Orlok. Johnny and Kasey remember when they attacked a wine cellar, hoping they did not screw up like that time. They find the magic helmet and get excited.

Praetorian gets on an elevator and reaches floor G, where he sees Count Orlok's helmet floating. He wonders if he is hallucinating and tells Ghost, who was carrying the helmet that there was no use in hiding. He hits Ghost with a fire attack, which breaks the helmet. The villains are in shock, while Praetorian tells them that they are idiots because they would never display the real thing there and only replicas. He reveals that all the real objects were in a vault underground. They were being kept invisible by Kasey's power.

By knocking Kasey out, Praetorian was able to reveal all the villains.

Carmine exclaims that it is underground and yells at Ghost to phase all the way there. Ghost goes underground while Praetorian starts throwing columns from the building at them. Praetorian recognizes that there was something in his head like in San Francisco. Hitting Kasey, he is able to reveal all the villains. He looks at Johnny and tells him that he feels like they had met before.

Johnny and Carmine run for it as Praetorian chases them.

At the Union of Justice, people run out as The Praetorian approaches Johnny, who says that he had never met The Praetorian before, and complains that it had been him who had found them. Praetorian realizes what their plan had been all along and wants to take care of things. Praetorian shoots water at Kasey, but Johnny protects her. Carmine tells them they should run while they can, so he picks Kasey up and they run. Praetorian throws a large rock at the villains as Johnny tells Carmine to leave. The Diesel Brothers complain that Praetorian has too many powers and did not even know which one would be next.

Praetorian reveals his next power was laser eyes and starts shooting around, killing many civilians in the process. Roddy and Sammy try to attack him, but even as Sammy sticks his finger into Praetorian's eye, it gets shattered. Praetorian crushes Sammy's arm and throws him towards Johnny, who had just shot at him.

Using Count Orlok's helmet, Ghost and the rest of the villains were able to escape Praetorian.

Johnny and Ghost reunite, also seeing Carmine above them. He tells Ghost to put on the helmet and say the magic words, but Ghost refuses because of the helmet's reputation of being cursed. After a bit of convincing, Ghost agrees to do it, but nobody knows the spell. However, inside the helmet "supercalifragilistic expialidocious" was written, which made Ghost realize that must be the spell. As they argue who has to put it on, Praetorian wakes up and gets ready to face them. Ghost says the spell, puts the helmet on and it turns on. He wishes to be taken somewhere far away and safe, and they vanish from The Praetorian's sight. TK and Forecast are also taken to safety.

Ghost, Carmine, Johnny, TK, the Diesel brothers, Forecast, and Kasey all make it away, as Ghost tries to remove the helmet. Johnny asks Kasey if she is okaym but she asks where they are. Carmine tells her that they are in Black Rock, Romania. Kasey tells Johnny that that was too close, but they are all happy they had been successful in the end.

All the villains celebrated their victory when they escaped the Union of Justice.

A butler approaches the crew and tells them to make themselves at home. Carmine says that they should probably start celebrating with a toast in which they say that Count Orlok would be returning as the greatest supervillain ever, unstoppable even by The Network. The butler agrees and tells them that they were all invited to be part of the new Syndicate, which Kasey remembers hearing of. Carmine tells them that the Syndicate had predated the Network and Kasey goes to take a shower.

Carmine tells the group about the Syndicate, which was formed by The Heat, Count Orlok and The Bastard. In the meantime, the Union of Justice was starting, so they decided to go to Europe. Carmine says that they were a great group, but Orlok and The Bastard had never gotten along. However, as all supervillains all of them ended up betraying each other and The Bastard formed The Network. Later, the castle became a club and a movie studio. It had been 30 years since the Syndicate had been founded.

The Bastard and Praetorian showed up at the villains' hideouts, revealing they worked together.

Kasey gets out of the tub, but is being watched by someone who likes her body. Kasey walks into the room, where she sees that everybody was already wasted. The doorbell rings and the Diesel Brothers get very excited about the pizza getting there. However, as Roddy opens the door, he gets punched in the face by Praetorian, who stops all of them from moving. He laughs and tells his boss everything was clear. The Bastard, his boss, walks in and wants to know if he had interrupted a celebration. He tells Carmine he could not believe his hideout and Praetorian says that they probably could not believe that a superhero like him was with a villain like him and reveals that he was a double agent.

The Bastard says that he would have never thought that The Heat would gang up with Count Orlok again and tells them that their behavior needs to be rectified. Praetorian says that they knew where they were because Carmine had shouted "The Rock" right before they disappeared. Praetorian is impressed with the power Count Orlok's helmet has, but The Bastard says it is not to be underestimated and adds that even if he was just about to retire, he needed to protect The Network. Praetorian tells them that they needed to give them more than the usual 30% because they could not operate from behind The Network's back.

Count Orlok was killed in front of all the villains as The Bastard and Praetorian took all their money.

The Bastard tells them that he would take everything and adds that betrayal also warranted paying extra in blood as well. He says that normally he would kill a family member, a friend, or a lover, but he was not in the mood. While, they were being watched, The Bastard makes the butler's head explode. The pizza makes its way to the front door and Orlok reveals himself, saying he had been hiding in the attic. He does not see The Bastard standing behind him and asks where his helmet is. He turns around and sees The Bastard, who tells him he hates surprises; he is in shock that The Bastard is there and starts yelling, but The Bastard makes his head explode as well. Praetorian and The Bastard walk away with all the money, but before he leaves Praetorian tells them to not tell anyone what happened or they would kill them.

All the villains were left depressed after the events that had occurred.

Johnny turns a TV on in which news about the attack on the Union of Justice was showing, saying that Praetorian had been able to recover Count Orlok's helmet. Johnny sadly watches as he drinks. The Diesel Brothers, TK, and Carmine are also feeling down, while Ghost says they could not even do anything with the helmet now that Orlok was dead and TK says that Matts and Praetorian were too much for them to handle. TK complains that the team was bad, but Johnny reminds him that they saved him. Ghost tries to leave and thanks Carmine for getting his hopes up, but Sammy throws an axe at him. When he throws it back, the Diesel Brothers attack him together. Forecast makes it rain on top of the fight, making them separate.

After a while, the bartender tells him that Carmine was an old fool as he slept on the bar, but Johnny says that the heist was supposed to go better than planned and be the biggest thing The Heat had ever done. The bartender does not care and asks him to pay for Carmine's drinks, so Johnny goes to an ATM and withdraws some cash.

Johnny proposed to Kasey, wanting to build a life with her.

Later, Johnny and Kasey ride on their car, but the latter is quiet and does not feel like talking. When they park, Kasey cries and starts hitting the car. Johnny simply hugs her; once they walk outside, Johnny gets down on one knee, saying that even if they could never be villains, he wanted to be with her and wanted to build a life in the future with her, making a ring out of electricity. Kasey says "okay" while smiling and both of them kiss.

At the wedding, Kasey tries calling Johnny and is told that Johnny's friends had not arrived either. She looks at Johnny's suit which had a note containing his wedding speech, saying he had changed. However, Kasey knows that Johnny had not changed at all and is now mad. She throws her wedding dress in the trash and lights it on fire.

Five years later[]

Carmine asked Kasey and Johnny to help him after being threatened by The Salamander.

Kasey works at a diner, where Johnny walks in wearing a suit and greeting her happily. Johnny apologizes, but Kasey tells him that she has nothing to say to him, so he should get out. He tells her that he had stolen to try to get them something nice for their wedding, but she does not want to hear it, feeling him betrayed. Johnny wonders what she was doing at a diner and asks what had happened to her MBA since she had a great power and was very smart. She tells him that she got expelled from her MBA since she had punched her professor who tried to sexually harass her. She tells him that she always had low grades and even as a villain always had to work as a team, telling him to get out. Carmine walks in the coffee shop scared and falls down. He asks them for help.

Johnny and Kasey discuss how to help Carmine.

Johnny reads a journal in which he fantasized about being Electro Boy and being inducted into the Union of Justice. Meanwhile, Carmine slept scared and Kasey was not feeling well, telling Johnny that she could not believe that Carmine had tried scamming The Salamander's casino. Johnny worries that they could not get 100 million dollars and knows that Carmine would be killed if they could not pay. Kasey says that their only option is to get him out of the country, but Johnny says that he got info at Supermax, but Kasey will not listen to him and tells him to get out. However, Johnny does not think that's what the Carmine he knew would do. Johnny keeps reading about Electro Boy and smiles while reminiscing.

Kasey asked Eleanor's daughter for a passport for Carmine.

Kasey walks into a travel agency and visits Eleanor's daughter, who tells her that they do not have a lot of time for rookies, which offends Kasey. Kasey tells her that she does not want a job, but a fake passport and a plane ticket, which the girl accepts to do. Kasey is still offended that the girl had never heard of her and tries to get the girl to remember her, but she is told that she does not have time to be remembered. As Kasey walks home, she sees people around her, which makes her feel depressed.

TK, Carmine, the Diesel Brothers, Ghost, and Forecast all join Johnny, who tells them that the legend of Electro Boy was about to begin. Kasey walks into the room and tells Johnny that his plan better work.

Johnny drinks while Kasey tells him to just tell them who the target was. Johnny tells her that she would know soon enough, but they needed another team member. Carmine wakes when Kasey mentions that a target was there.

Johnny greets Glenda, who tells him that he could not decide what to wear for their date. Johnny tells him that he thinks he looks better when he wears a suit that is tighter. Glenda asks what he means by that and Johnny tells him to have a seat, calling him Gladiator. Ghost mentions that Johnny is insane, but Johnny tells him that he knew who he was thanks to Supermax and also knew that he spent time cheating on his wife, which angers Gladiator, but Johnny threatens to send an intimate photo if he did anything to him. Gladiator asks what he wants and Johnny asks for help with a heist, which angers him even more, saying that working for him would never be meaningful to him. Johnny tells him that the heist was on an island south of Japan, which was off limits for the Union of Justice and The Network.

Johnny approached Gladiator, offering him the chance to take Praetorian down.

Gladiator, and all of Johnny's friends wonder if he really wanted to attack The Bastard, but Johnny mentions that Praetorian was also there, which sparked Gladiator's interest. Johnny tells him that The Bastard was enjoying his retirement, having opened Casino Grand Granite. Ghost counts himself out, but Kasey tells him that it could work as long as they got in unnoticed. Johnny tells Gladiator that it was a good chance to get back at Praetorian and also says that he could donate his share to an LGBTQ charity of his choice, also promising to delete those photos.

Johnny and the rest of the villains got ready to go to the island.

Johnny tells TK, Carmine, the Diesel Brothers, Ghost, Kasey, and Forecast that he knows there is one airport on the island which meant security would be tight. Kasey does not want to use her power since she could not make an illusion without preparing it enough. She could really only hide one or two people. They get on the plane and land on the island.

On the island, Ghost separates from the group and Johnny and Kasey open up briefcases where The Diesel Brothers were being stored. The rest would be taking a ferry, but they would also jump from the ferry. On the island, Gladiator arrives by swimming butterfly at an incredible speed.

All the villains discussed the plan on the island.

Johnny, TK, Carmine, the Diesel Brothers, Ghost, Kasey, Gladiator and Forecast all take a break on the hot sprinks. Kasey puts on a disguise so that they do not see her naked and Johnny says that he is the only one who could see her like that, but she says that she was just not wasting effort on him. The Diesel Brothers tell Gladiator that they were sorry for how things had gone the last time they had encountered him, but he tells them to not talk to him, as he was only there to destroy Praetorian.

Ghost was quiet because he is nervous about attacking The Bastard, but Johnny tells him that they have a perfect plan. TK, Forecast, and The Diesel Brothers want to know about the plan, saying that the first part would be walking to Matts' front door.

Kasey and Roddy walk towards The Bastard's front door. Meanwhile, The Bastard meditates and realizes that he was being plotted against.

Roddy and Kasey made it into The Bastard's house, starting the plan.

Roddy Diesel and Kasey walk into The Bastard's house, who wanted to invest. They introduce themselves as professors from Princeton to the butler, who could not stop eyeing Kasey's breasts. As they approach another door, they reach Praetorian, who asks who they are. The butler tells him that they are scientists and they walk right past him. They are told they have 20 minutes to make their pitch as The Bastard waits for them at his desk.

The Bastard is surprised that they want him to invest in a time machine, also mentioning that it sounds expensive. Kasey and Roddy Diesel agree that it will be expensive, but with their projections, he would be able to become the greatest supervillain of all time. However, The Bastard tells him that he already was the greatest supervillain ever. Praetorian tells them that their time is up, but Roddy wants to use the bathroom.

The Bastard showed Kasey a painting and was impressed by her interpretation.

As The Bastard and Kasey walk, she sees that there was a corner set up for painting. She asks him if he does it, to which he replies that sometimes. He tells her that he appreciates that they wanted to investigate, but tells her that she was too late since he had no use for a time machine. He says he chose retirement because he had lost his hunger. The butler tries groping Kasey, but she removes his hand and asks The Bastard if he would prefer to invest in art, but he says that his new art was a method for expressing sensitivity that defies space and time. He shows her a Mondrian painting as Roddy Diesel joins them again. Roddy does not understand the painting, but Kasey is able to make The Bastard agree with what she says about it. The Bastard says that like Mondrian, he had moved from the US because it does not have a past or future that requires rewriting, which is why he does not need a time machine. Praetorian tells The Bastard that his guests from the Middle East would be there soon, so he suggests that they pitch the time machine to Salamander.

Kasey and the butler look out a window. Kasey asks him what there was at a building at the end of a pathway and is told that The Bastard meditated there. The butler offers to take her there, but Roddy Diesel says that he wants to leave, which Kasey agrees with.

Carmine and Johnny walked into the casino, excited to see what they would be taking.

At the casino, Carmine and Johnny walk in, with the former excited that all of it could be theirs. Ghost says that he did not know there were casinos like that in Japan. TK tries a game, but tries moving it when he lost. However Ghost stops him from using his powers. The Bastard looks out at the casino with Praetorian and both of them head to the VIP room to meet their guests from the middle east.

Kasey and Johnny look at a recreation Kasey had made of The Bastard's mansion, while The Diesel Brothers join them. Ghost wonders how she had done it without being detected by the superpower sensors inside, so she says that when she touches someone, she can read minds without the sensors detecting it. Carmine says that he had done his part and tells them that the main floor had standard superpower sensors and security, but Ghost says that the real problem are the underground rooms connected to the VIP rooms at the back. Forecast gets there late from taking a bath, as Gladiator joins them. Carmine tells them they would take The Bastards briefcase, which was actually a big vault on the inside. However, the real problem are all the sensors that can deactivate their powers. Carmine says that normally the unit is switched off, but if the sensors pick up a use of superpowers, then it turns on, so they need to deactivate the whole system. They want Ghost to use his powers in order to reach it, but he tells them that the island was huge, so he would lose track of where he was, so he would die. Gladiator tells them that they should just give up, but Johnny remembers that whenever a new supervillain has to be registered in the database, they update the software, but it also means the system must be rebooted, so they could destroy it then. Carmine tells them that they would split into two groups to enter the facility.

The crooks all toasted before the plan started the next day.

Carmine, Ghost, TK, Forecast, Johnny, the Diesel Brothers, and Kasey all toast. He thanks them and tells them that he liked that they had a sense of duty. Kasey wonders why Matts had made it so even he could not use his powers in his mansion, but Carmine knows that he hated superpowers. Johnny tells them that he had new outfits for their plan, which Gladiator refuses to wear.

Kasey sits alone at the beach, when Johnny joins her. Both of them walk together and Johnny asks if she would really leave, and she says that she would. He tells her that she had done a fantastic job and tells her that she could still do it, but she says that even though she had outgrown heists, she wanted to help The Heat. Johnny tells her that he knows he had done a lot of stupid things, but the stupidest of them all was letting her go. They look up at the sky and there is a banner which says "I'm sorry". Johnny tells her that he had finally understood and says that that would be the last time he ever did a heist. Both of them share a kiss after that.

Kasey told Johnny that she would not be joing them in the heist.

As Johnny sleeps, Kasey looks at him and leaves. When she makes it to the airport, she tells Johnny that the plan was risky and she did not want to make the same mistake, hanging up on him. Kasey asks how much longer her flight would be delayed, but is told that it was unkown. Praetorian approaches her and tells her to not move a muscle or she would burn. The Bastard reaches her and says that he was disappointed because she was only there to make him look like a fool.

Kasey was tied up by Bastard and Praetorian, who could not believe she tried deceiving him.

The Bastard, Praetorian and the butler Miguel have Kasey tied up, telling her they could not believe they thought they could outsmart him. He tells her that people with superpowers were not allowed on the island on purpose. Praetorian notices that Miguel liked Kasey and tells The Bastard to let him have Kasey when they were done, but he refuses because he would rather kill her right then and there. Miguel approaches Kasey and tells her that her body would still be beautiful even when she was dead.

The Bastard injected Kasey with a truth serum so that she would tell her why she was there.

Kasey is injected with sodium thiopental, which was a truth serum. The Bastard asks her what her superpower is, but Kasey simply asks him in return what he was so afraid of, telling him that he was surrounded by art in order to look sophisticated, but he is just a douchebag that is empty inside. The Bastard does not allow Praetorian to shut her up yet because he wants to know everything while the drug still worked. He asks her why she is there and she tells him that they are there to steal from him, which her friends were doing right at that moment. The Bastard gets angry and has Miguel bring up the cameras. There, they see that the superpower suppression unit was rebooting and all the guards were taken out. They look at the underground facility and see the villains with the briefcase, so The Bastard tells Praetorian to teleport down there.

Miguel hands The Bastard a sniper rifle. He says that they need to be reminded what true fear feels like and aims it, telling Miguel to turn off the suppression system. He aims it a Kasey, whose eyes begin to bleed. However, she uses her own powers to knock him back and fights against him.

The Bastard is wearing Kasey out and tells her that he was lonely and bored. He says that he believes his life was better before he was rich, but did not want a bunch of punks to steal from him. He tells her that he would use her corpse to taunt her boyfriend. Finally, Kasey is unable to keep The Bastard from inside her head and it explodes.

The Bastard realized he had been tricked by Kasey and made Miguel's head explode, which made him very angry.

The Bastard asks Praetorian to bring him the villains, but gets no answer. Suddenly, he gets a call saying that Praetorian was down, as well as his mansion. He says that that was impossible, since he had been in his mansion the whole time. However, The Bastard turns around and sees that the brush strokes on his painting were different and sees that he had made Miguel's head explode.

Kasey waves towards Johnny, who was on a small boat and is brought on board. She hugs Johnny, but Carmine tells them that they need to leave, so they take off.

Johnny and Kasey were happy they could now retire from being crooks forever.

Ghost tells Kasey that she really had guts in order to do what she had done, as Gladiator smiles. Carmine also says that she followed the rules needed and calls her a great supervillain. Johnny tells her that she was the only one who had been able to go through all of that with her friends. Both of them hug and tell one another that they love them. Kasey tells him that they could now retire, which Johnny agrees with. Forecast, TK, The Diesel Brothers and the rest celebrate happily.

One year later[]

Johnny and Kasey ride on a hot air balloon when Johnny points to the ground, asking her if she would marry him. He gets her a real ring, and she says she would think about them, kissing him.


mental illusions:[]

Kasey, as described by Johnny, had the power to put illusions inside of people's minds. She was able to use this power to fool the pretorian into letting Johnny and his friends go, make johnny and the rest of their crew pass as normal civilians even make a little girl see a burning trash can as a campfire. Kasey seems to be able to activate her power at will, however their are times when she needs to concentrate to activate effectively.

Dream implant:[]

Kasey also seems to be able to use her power to make people hallucinate even while asleep. She was able to give the gladiator a dream where he was the hero of a mermaid kingdom.