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This article is for the comic version of the character. For the anime series character, see: Kasey. For the episode, see "Kasey".

Kasey is a super villain and the main love interest in Supercrooks.


An attractive young woman, Kasey has short blonde hair, blue eyes, an aquiline nose, and full lips. Kasey is bitter about those who wrong her and cautious, but loyal to her friends.


Kasey was once engaged to marry Johnny Bolt, having saved up a retirement fund and intending to quit crime. However, Johnny realized that they did not have enough money to live on, and initiated one last jewel heist on their wedding day to shore up their accounts. The Praetorian captured Johnny, and Kasey was left alone on her wedding day.

Estranged for five years, Kasey was bitter when Johnny was released from prison. She only stomached his presence due to the arrival of The Heat, an old mentor of Kasey's who needed her and Johnny's help. At her apartment, Johnny talked Kasey into attempting one last job to help The Heat pay his debts, although Kasey was reluctant due to her fear of being caught by superheroes.

After Johnny assembled a heist crew, Kasey enshrouded their party in a psychic cloak that caused everyone within 100 feet who looked upon them to think they were Jewish rabbis. With the cloak, the crew easily bypassed airport security and arrived in Tenerife in the Spanish Canary Islands. When Johnny complimented her mastery, Kasey assured him he would never see her again once the heist was over.

When Kasey learned that Johnny intended to rob The Bastard, Kasey nearly walked, but Johnny convinced her to stay on. Kasey was dispatched with Roddy Diesel to The Bastard's mansion itself, masquerading as temporal physicists to pitch a time machine schematic to The Bastard. Although The Bastard rejected it, Kasey used Roddy as he walked around the mansion to draw memories of the security guards into a detailed blueprint of the entire area, all while simultaneously making smalltalk with Miguel and identifying an old theme park, Banana-Land. Again, she used a psychic cloak to bypass security.

With the blueprint, Johnny formulated a plan, and Kasey ostensibly prepared to leave. She expressed that heist work makes her sick, gives her hives, and generally stresses her, but Johnny cheered her by having an airplane with the words "I'm sorry" fly overhead. At the airport, she allowed herself to be detected by The Bastard's security and be taken into custody.

En route back to the mansion, Miguel implied to Kasey that he would molest her corpse after The Bastard killed her. However, Kasey merely pretended to be frightened and silent while she concentrated on weaving an illusion of the surrounding landscape, tricking The Bastard and his bodyguard to drive to Banana-Land and away from the mansion itself.

In a nearly identical illusion of the real mansion, Kasey was interrogated with truth serum, and although she taunted The Bastard, she revealed that he was in the process of being robbed. The Bastard dispatched his bodyguard and prepared to shoot her with a "psychic blast" from a rifle, but she launched him aside with telekinesis and put Miguel in her place, disguised as herself via illusion.

The Bastard realized that Kasey was psychic, but her psychic mastery was so complete that she was even able to form false mental barriers around Miguel's mind and trick The Bastard, even as he entered Miguel's mind, that Miguel was Kasey. The Bastard exercised his signature power and exploded "Kasey's" skull, but when he checked in with his security they reported that his bodyguard was defeated and his mansion leveled.

Meanwhile, Kasey was fleeing Banana-Land even as The Bastard discovered a small flaw in her illusion and rejected it, realizing that he actually killed Miguel and that he was in fact in Banana-Land, not his mansion. Kasey caught up with the departing heist crew, and reconciled with Johnny in her joy at receiving a $100,000,000 cut. Johnny then asked Kasey to marry him.


Quoted as "the best psychic in the goddamn business", Kasey can read thoughts, utilize telekinesis, and induce powerful illusions, even in other super villains such as The Bastard. Frequently, Kasey bypassed security by preventing security guards from accurately reading monitors that perceived her.