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This article is for the comic version of the character. For the anime series character, see: Johnny Bolt.

Johnny Bolt is a super-criminal and the protagonist of Supercrooks.


Self-assured and optimistic, Johnny has blue eyes and brown hair and typically wears a lightning bolt symbol on his chest with fine suits. He is the greatest criminal globally; although he has been captured and imprisoned several times, he does come up with one great idea. Kasey is the love of his life.


Johnny was once engaged to Kasey, who is his age, a psychic, and he intended to go "straight" and retire with her. However, when he realized that they didn't have enough to live on, he attempted one last jewel heist with Frostbite on the morning of their wedding day. Captured by The Gladiator, a superhero, Johnny spent the next five years in prison rather than returning to his wedding with a retirement fund.

After getting out of prison, he tried to reconcile with Kasey, but his old mentor The Heat arrived pleading for help. As The Heat mentored Kasey, she let him and Johnny into their apartment to allow The Heat to recover while they formulated a plan to help pay off The Heat's gambling debt. With too many superheroes in their area, Johnny came up with an idea to go to Spain to rob someone to pay for it.

Johnny set about hiring a crew, starting with The Ghost, who he convinced to join for The Heat's sake as The Heat had mentored The Ghost as well. Johnny then grabbed TK McCabe, who needed no convincing, and then Forecast, who needed the prospect of higher payouts to come onboard. Finally, Johnny sought out Roddy and Sammy Diesel, both of whom he had rapport with and intended to choose one. However, he was impressed by their brutality, so he took them both.

Having Kasey disguise them all as rabbis using her psychic powers, Johnny got the entire crew to Tenerife in the Spanish Canary Islands, where he rented an apartment as their base of operations. Still not revealing his plan, Johnny then recruited one final helper: The Gladiator. Because Johnny shared a cell with one of The Gladiator's lovers, he knew that The Gladiator was a homosexual who went under the online alias "Glenda" to arrange anonymous sex behind his wife's back. As "Poppabear", Johnny set for a meeting ostensibly for sex, but instead, he blackmailed The Gladiator into helping them rob The Bastard, the great supervillain ever to live.

Finally knowing Johnny's intentions, his crew became skittish at the thought of robbing The Bastard, but Johnny convinced them to go through with it. He sent Kasey and Roddy to pitch a time machine project to The Bastard ostensibly. Still, in actuality, Kasey just created a schematic of the entire mansion by tapping into the memories of the security guards they passed. Johnny then formulated a plan based on the schematic and sourced uniforms for the heist, modeled after The Salamander's crew so that The Bastard would take vengeance upon them (who The Heat owed money to), thereby saving them from The Bastard's wrath and canceling The Heat's debt. He also arranged a plane with the words "I'm sorry" to fly overhead where Kasey would see it, trying to win her back.

Johnny's plan went into action, with Kasey deliberately getting herself captured at the airport so that she could hypnotize The Bastard into moving to an area away from the mansion where the heist was taking place. Johnny's crew successfully made it to the vault and recovered the riches, and encountered The Bastard's guard The Praetorian on the way out. Although the plan began to go awry when The Gladiator refused to combat The Praetorian, started attacking them all, The Gladiator eventually decided to defeat The Praetorian, and the heist crew continued their escape. Meanwhile, Kasey tricked The Bastard into killing his own servant and then caught up with their departure, leaving The Bastard alone in a nearby theme park, his mansion destroyed and plundered.

Johnny then split the take eight ways and retired with Kasey, asking her to marry him.


Unlike other supercrooks, Johnny rarely utilizes his powers, although he claims they are "electric" in nature.

1. He can utilize lightning and electricity

2. He is the number one crook or villain in the world

3. He can use plasma energy

4. His bloodlust can suffocate thousands of people at once