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Hutch Hutchence is a character on Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy. He is portrayed by Ian Quinlan.



Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Painting the Clouds With Sunshine[]

Somewhere in the city, a group of criminals is planning a heist. However, Skyfox‘s son Hutch wants to go at it alone. He uses technology to evade the robbers on the scene. Unfortunately for him, The Utopian arrives to stop the robbery. Hutch uses his device to teleport back to his loft, but knowing that he has failed. When he returns to his friends, they tell him that they should have helped. Hutch gets a call from Big Man, who asks where his money is and is then approached by two men who want to rough him up. Hutch looks at them and says, “to the Big Man,” and uses his device to teleport away.

Later, Hutch visits Big Man, who seems to be feasting on someone in the bathroom. He asks where his Quantum Modular is. Hutch says he will get it, but Big Man threatens to rip apart his crew one piece at a time. Big man tells Hutch about the Kulokav Brothers who are delivering a briefcase at the Hun, and he wants Hutch to take it off their hands.

Hutch eventually tells Jacinda and Gabby that he has a lifeline by Big Man. However, Jack is not up for the mission, believing that the Kulokav Brothers will kill them. Hutch uses emotional manipulation and tells Jack that Jacinda and Gabby expressed to him how much they need him. Eventually, the crew successfully drives away from the Kulokav brothers, but Jack has been hurt. Their van ends up hitting Chloe, but it hurts the van more than her because she’s superhuman. When Jack leaves the van, he attacks her, stating that she’s “Utopian’s kid”. Jacinda gets in on the action to try to stop her. Gabby then punches her but again, there’s little effect, and Chloe uppercuts her into the sky.

At some point, Hutch is approached by the Big Man’s men, where he explains that Chloe Sampson hurt them and took whatever was inside the case. The men tell Hutch that his friends will be in trouble now. He teleports one of the men into shark-infested waters. Hutch then reveals that the device only listens to him and, to prove it, teleports the device inside Big Man's heart, killing him. He then explains how the world is changing and that he needs to change with it. He tells the other man, named Linus, that he needs him to do something for him and offers him an advance. Later on, Hutch meets another man that gives him a device that is extremely powerful and could wipe out whole cities.

Hutch is last seen working on the device in his workspace as he says, “almost there pops, almost there,” and somewhere in the room a picture of a young George is shown.

All the Devils Are Here[]

Somewhere in town, Chloe Sampson ends up throwing up, so Janna Croft helps her. Chloe remarks that her brother wants to be so much like their father. She tells Janna that she doesn’t have friends because she’s an asshole. Later into the night and sobbing, Chloe contemplates ringing her mother before smashing up her phone. She gets out more of the drugs and snorts it. Eventually, she breathes raggedly, and her nose bleeds before smashing into the glass coffee table. She begins choking on her own vomit. Hutch shows up and sees the bag is almost empty.

What's the Use?[]

Walter Sampson shows Sheldon and Grace the watch and they realize that it looks absolutely identical to his father’s watch. Walter believes that George sent the device with the clone of Blackstar, but they are not sure why he would do so. Sheldon then visits Hutch, who is George’s son and tells him that they need to talk. Hutch tries to teleport and flee, but Sheldon keeps on finding him every single time.

The two men eventually sit down in a cafe, and Hutch explains he hasn’t seen his father since he was 12 years old. Sheldon then asks him to humor him and use his device to teleport to his father. When they use it, they end up at a strip club, and George is obviously not there.

After her overdose, Chloe wakes up in the hospital, where Hutch tells her she took something that doesn’t belong to her. Chloe asks what he’s going to do about it. Somehow the two young adults end up having sex.

Later, Hutch reveals that her father visited him and that he’s looking for his own father. Hutch then reveals that Sheldon doesn’t scare him. Chloe enjoys those words, and they hook up again.

How It All Ends[]

Hutch is on a heist plan, but his friends do not want to help him this because he has been having sex with Chloe. They see this as a betrayal, and so Hutch teleports to China.

In China, Hutch enters a room but suddenly realizes there is little oxygen inside it. He tries to leave using his device, but as he cannot speak properly, it doesn’t work. Guards enter the room and knock him senseless. Luckily, Chloe arrives to save the day, and Hutch gets what he came for in one of the safety deposit boxes.

When they return from China, Hutch reveals to her he now has a superweapon that could punch a hole through the strongest being on the planet. Chloe asks if he’s going to use it against her father. Hutch reveals he is actually going to use it to find his father.


He is a young complex, charismatic wild card who prefers the company of young villains. His obsession is to find his father using the Power Rod, which lends him superhero-like powers that enable him to navigate life as con man with a conscience. During the course of Volume 1, he builds a romantic relationship with Chloe.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Abilities Via Power Rod
    • Teleportation
    • Energy Blast
    • Super speed
    • Superhuman Stamina Via Power Rod
  • Skilled Hand-To-Hand Combatant


  • Power Rod Can Not Be Used If Command Cannot Be Spoken


  • Power Rod



Season 1[]

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