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George Hutchence, also known as Skyfox, is a character on Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy. He is portrayed by Matt Lanter.

He was Sheldon's closest friend and ally before turning against him and the rest of his teammates in the Union. Now considered the greatest supervillain in the world, George plots his revenge on the teammates he believes betrayed him.


Early life[]

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

By Dawn's Early Light[]

In 1929, Sheldon meets up with George, when suddenly, there’s a commotion. It is quickly revealed that it’s as a result of the stock market crashing. At work, the family business is panicking. Walter tells Sheldon that he told them they shouldn’t have expanded, and now they are suffering from the consequences. Their father is up on the roof, and when Sheldon joins him, he tells them how their steel is laced throughout the city. He wanted to build a legacy, but he claims it all ended up in a box. Sheldon’s father then jumps off the roof, and Sheldon is in anguish at seeing his father kill himself right in front of him.

In the present day, Sheldon and Walter also reminisce about the past and discuss how George turned on them and became a terrorist.

Painting the Clouds With Sunshine[]

In 1929, Walter and Jane were concerned about Sheldon, so they spoke to George about it. They think whatever is happening to him is not physical, but mental. They also mention how he hasn’t eaten or slept in days. Jane pleads with George and asks him to visit. George visits Sheldon, and he can hear him talking to someone. Sheldon can see his father in the room. An emotional Sheldon, who is feeling tormented, hugs George. George tells him that he's grieving, but Sheldon is still hurt that his father killed himself in front of him. George talks about the death of his parents, and he wondered what life would have been like if he had his own siblings. By this point, an exhausted Sheldon falls asleep. As he sleeps, George takes a few of Sheldon’s drawings.

After looking through Sheldon’s drawings, George finds him well and mentally stable with Jane. Sheldon claims that George’s words impacted him and that he can no longer “see” the past anymore. He thanks him for his help. When Jane leaves the room, Sheldon tells George that he thought about jumping off the roof himself.

Sheldon sees George has his drawings and tells him to throw the "crazy doodles" into the fire. George does not believe the drawings are crazy and states it is a puzzle that needs to be solved. He believes it is a memory. Suddenly, Sheldon can see his dead father again and has another seizure. He sees flashes of a windmill and multi-colors and a group of people facing it. Sheldon subsequently flees.

Meanwhile, Walter is furious at George for giving Sheldon meaning to his drawings. He explains that his brother has lost his mind. Jane overhears the conversation and gets upset, knowing Sheldon is missing.

Later, George becomes a little emotional while talking to his servant Cuthbert. He’s tired of the lonely life that has been handed to him, regardless of the wealth he has inherited from his parents.

In the present day, Hutch works on the device in his workspace as he says, “almost there pops, almost there,” and somewhere in the room a picture of a young George is shown.

What's the Use?[]

In 1929, a younger Sheldon is fiddling with the same watch which turns out to be his father’s watch. He speaks to George about the Millar farm, and proceeds to claim how he was right that there is more to his findings. Sheldon reckons something is calling to all of them like a puzzle, or a test, for all of them. He feels something is out there in the middle of the ocean that will change the world. Sheldon then asks for George’s help.

In the present, Walter shows Sheldon and Grace the watch and they realize that it looks absolutely identical to his father’s watch. Walter believes that George sent the device with the clone of Blackstar, but they are not sure why he would do so. Sheldon then visits Hutch, who is George’s son and tells him that they need to talk. Hutch tries to teleport and flee, but Sheldon keeps on finding him every single time.

The two men sit down in a cafe, and Hutch explains he hasn't seen his father since he was 12 years old. Sheldon then asks him to humor him and use his device to teleport to his father. When they use it, they end up at a strip club, and George is not there.

In 1929, Sheldon and George visit Grace at work, right when she's quitting her job at the newspaper company. Sheldon wants to talk to her about an opportunity they have for her. George asks Sheldon if he's sure about bringing in Grace for help, but Sheldon is sure, claiming she was in the cellar in his visions. Sheldon tells Grace that he’s mounting an expedition, and he wants her to chronicle it.

They then ask Fitz Small if he wants to join the expedition; Sheldon says that once they get back, they can hire back everyone at the mill, including his father. Fitz is against the idea, but his father asks him to think about the opportunity. In the end, Fitz changes his mind, but he asks Sheldon and George for payment upfront in case something happens to him.

When George and Sheldon meet Walter, he tells them that the company is being shut down. Sheldon tells Walter that it doesn’t matter and explains another episode he had that gave him coordinates. He believes something is out there that is going to change their lives. He wants Walter to come with him. Walter however, is upset, saying he needed his brother at the board meeting, but he didn’t show up.

Later on, Walter tells George that he’s feeding Sheldon's delusions. George implies that he believes Sheldon’s visions and that Sheldon needs this journey to heal. Sheldon comes across problems with Jane as he reveals that she is not in his visions of the future. Upset, Jane leaves behind the ring and walks out on him

Cover Her Face[]

In 1929 and on the boat, Grace notices that Sheldon is talking to himself and asks George about it, but he brushes it off. Later on in their adventure, the ship begins to struggle, so they have to dig deep to keep it going.

Omnes Pro Uno[]

In 1929, while on the island, Sheldon and the crew make their way through the forest of the island. Sheldon sees a pattern on a tree that's similar to his drawings. After exploring more, they see some foggy mountains in the distance. Walter is scared and wants everyone to go back to the ship. Suddenly, an explosion occurs in front of them, and a tree shoots up to stop them. Sheldon then mentions to everyone else that the island will not let them leave.

Tensions rise, and Walter continues to proclaim that he wants to leave, so Sheldon tells him to go. Grace tells him they have no choice but to keep ongoing.

As they continue to make their way towards the mountains, they are hit by a sandstorm, and they have to stick together to fight it. When they reach safety, the brothers keep on arguing. Walter sobs and blames the death of their father on Sheldon. He then states they should have never expanded the company. Sheldon tries to calm him down, but he wants to keep moving.

In the present, Walter tells the real Blackstar that he’s going to go into his clone's brain. He wants to know if the villain is in contact with George Hutchence, but Blackstar denies any contact. An irritated Walter proceeds to tell Blackstar that when he’s done with his clone, there will be nothing left. He then leaves after telling the supervillain he is nothing like this brother.

In 1929, the group finally reaches an enclave, but there does not appear to be a way through.t Sheldon refuses to believe it. As Walter gets angry, they are suddenly shrouded by a big wall above them, and they are locked in. Richard gets angry and blames Sheldon for this, and fights him. Grace sees two skeletons that look like they have killed each other. She believes that the island is testing them because ever since they’ve gotten off the boat, all they've done is fight. She also notices the skeletons are a group of six, just like they are. Sheldon states the island wants them to get through adversity, so there must be a way out of this.

When Sheldon and George touch the wall, white and purple patterns appear before them. The rest of the crew touch the wall together. However, when Walter touches the wall, nothing happens. Grace tells Sheldon that they need to unify as brothers for it to work fully. The brothers unite, and the wall begins to open, showing a beam of light as it does. They then walk through the gap that has opened up. Out of nowhere, Walter and Sheldon’s father appears, but he does not look menacing this time, and it’s not part of Sheldon's imagination because Walter can see him too. Their father tells them that they have completed the ordeal while suffering unthinkable losses and prevailing. Other people appear as well and echo Chester’s sentiments and call the group "worthy".

Suddenly, there's a high-energy blast, and the captain who is on the ship looks concerned with his crewmates. However, as they look in the distance, they see the superheroes in the sky.

How It All Ends[]

Elsewhere, Brandon speaks to Sheldon to comfort him about Walter and states he will be okay. Sheldon mentions how one time he had to make many sacrifices. He then references Skyfox and how his friend felt like the Code held him back and ended up breaking it. Sheldon states Skyfox became their worst enemy, and so he cannot lose his son as well, just like he lost George, who was like a brother to him.

As Walter continues to struggle inside the Blackstar clone's mind, when suddenly he sees George sitting down and smoking a cigarette slowly. When George stands up, he reveals himself in his full superhero form. The two men end up fighting and out in the real world, Walter's heart rate is going into critical condition as he is punched badly by George inside his mind, so Grace asks if he can enter the clone's mind to help.

Grace enters, but George starts torturing Walter's mind. However, Walter and Grace end up out of the clone's mind anyway. They then tell Fitz that Skyfox was in there.

Walter proceeds to explain that George cloned Blackstar, knowing that it would trouble the Union. He's going after all of them. Grace vows that no one will hurt her family, and they will bring him to justice.

In 1929, the new superheroes sit around a table, and Grace wonders why they received these powers. Sheldon feels they can do a lot of good with them, but he doesn't want to govern or kill. George makes a joke about it, but Sheldon is serious, hailing their amazing gifts.

Meanwhile, Sheldon asks Walter for help regarding Brandon. He fears that he is losing him like he eventually lost George. Walter tells Sheldon he can trust him while putting his hand on him to reassure his younger brother. Unbeknownst to him that it's not George who has been behind the Blackstar Clone, but Walter who was.


Powers and Abilities[]

  • Flight
  • Super Strength
  • Vacuum Adaptation/Self-Sustenance: He can survive a mile outer space.
  • Super speed
  • Super Engineering: He uses his engineering skills to create tech to use against villains.
  • Longevity: George ages slower than normal humans; like the other "first generation" members, he is 120 years old, and will likely live for at least several more decades.
  • Durability





Season 1[]

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