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"Electro Boy" is the first episode of the first season of Supercrooks and the first episode of the show overall.


A regular kid named Johnny Bolt suddenly finds that he can control electricity. Soon enough, he starts testing the limits of his newfound powers.


The Utopian and The Flare are in San Diego with kids. As they give the seven rules for being a superhero, the television is turned off by Johnny's mother, who tells him to go to bed. The doorbell rings, Randy is at the door; he greets her.

Johnny was surprised when he turned the light on automatically.

Johnny lays in bed and wishes to move out while playing with his Utopian action figure. As he reads a comic, his mother once again tells him to go to bed, turning the light off. However, he turns it on once again by using his mind, which surprises him, but makes her angry. As she yells at him, she notices that the light is turning on and off on its own until a blackout occurs.

When his mother leaves, Johnny looks at a toy truck and is able to make its lights turn on and off at will, which makes him very happy. After that, he makes the street lights around his neighborhood turn on and off as well, all from his bed. Concentrating very hard, he is also able to make them explode, as well as his TV.

On their way to school, Tommy asks Johnny if he had seen that The Utopian had been on the news. However, Johnny tells him that he has new powers and demonstrates by turning all the street lights red so he could ride his bike.

Johnny told Tommy that he had new powers.

When they make it to school, Dave, a bully makes fun of Johnny and Tommy, so Johnny makes his speaker blow up. He also controls the school bell, which freaks Tommy out. Johnny admits that he does not know how he had gotten his powers and shows that he can use electricity as well. Tommy tells him that he was a superhero, which excites both of them. Tommy tells him that he wants to be a photographer for superheroes and they tell the story of how the first people got their powers after visiting an island. They say that Johnny's dad must be a superhero for him to have powers, which surprises him, since he had never met him. Tommy asks for Johnny to let him take his photos which Johnny agrees to let him do.

Janice approaches them at their cafeteria table and asks if they were looking at The Flare. Johnny and Tommy are surprised, but she tells them that she had seen him and would love to meet a superhero again, which Johnny says would probably happen again. Dave calls her and she walks towards him and his friends.

Johnny and Tommy played arcade games when they came up with name Electro Boy.

Johnny hacks an arcade game so Tommy can play, telling him that he could now escape the town they were in, but his friend tells him that he could even get into The Utopian's Union of Justice. Johnny realizes that might be his new calling and figures he should call him self Electro Boy. Dave walks up to them and makes a joke about them being virgins. When Janice laughs at the joke, Johnny is offended and walks away.

A mechanic tells Johnny's mother that she should get a new TV. Johnny walks in and asks who his father is, but she does not understand the question.

Johnny shows Tommy a sketch of what he thinks Electro Boy should look like, but the latter does not really like it and offers to help with the design.

Tommy helped Johnny with the new design, which Johnny really liked.

Later, Tommy shows him the new design, which is much better, so they try replicating it, but it does not look like the drawing at all. They try manu different outfits until they make one which does not look too bad. They also train, turning on an entire mall, but a few lights burst.

Tommy asks Johnny if he knows how a maglev train works, since superheroes got around by flying. Johnny gives flying a try and is able to get off the ground. The next day, they try looking for trouble all around town so that Johnny could intervene, but they find that their town is very peaceful. They are ready to demonstrate Johnny's powers, so they plan to show the children in their area the powers.

Johnny walks up to Janice, who was going to go to the pool. He asks her if she remembers that she wanted to meet a hero, telling her that she would meet one soon. Tommy walks up behind him and asks if he is ready, which he says he is.

Johnny lost control of his flight and electrocuted the pool.

Tommy records Johnny as he prepares to fly to the pool. He flies off the ground and struggles to contain his flight, but he manages to make an entrance, introducing himself, and vowing to protect crime in the town. Janice turns around and sees that Tommy was recording; at the same time, Dave realizes that Electro Boy was Johnny, but he denies it. Dave makes fun of him, so he starts losing control and falls into the pool. He lets out a big shock, which starts electrocuting everybody in there.

In the streets, cars start going crazy and crashing into buildings, causing many deaths and a truck even heads straight from the sky into the pool, which contained the motionless bodies of everyone who was in it.

Paramedics find that one kid was in critical condition, but might be rescued. While handed a cup of coffee, Johnny electrocutes another man and finds he is not able to control his powers.

Johnny stole from an ATM after the events at the pool, declaring himself a super crook.

Tommy approaches Johnny and says that what had happened was terrible. Johnny says that even though he had done it, it had not been his fault, which Tommy understands. Johnny asks what he is supposed to do if he has that superpower and cannot be a superhero. Suddenly an ATM next to him starts spitting cash. Johnny starts taking more out of the ATM and admits that he had in fact, caused what had happened at the pool. He tells Tommy to buy him a big bag, which shocks his friend, but he tells him that he was going to leave town and declared himself a super, but on the other side.


Main Cast[]

  • Young Johnny Bolt - John Omohundro
  • Johnny Bolt - Jonah Scott
  • Johnny's Mother - Melanie Minichino
  • Tom - Kellen Goff
  • Utopian - Matthew David Rudd
  • Randy - Paul Mercier
  • Dave - Wilber Saldivar
  • Janice - Samantha Daniel
  • Flare - Michael Scott

Additional Cast[]

  • Barbara Goodson
  • Beau Billingslea
  • Bill Butts
  • David Cooley
  • Katie Leigh
  • Nancy Linari
  • Tony Pasqualini
  • Vicky Syal
  • Jack McLoughlin