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William Henry Bendal, known as Blackstar, is a character on Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy. He is portrayed by Tyler Mane.



Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

By Dawn's Early Light[]

In the present day, a grown up Brandon Sampson sees on the news that supervillain Blackstar is in court.

As Blackstar continues causing problems, and they need to stop him. While the Union of Justice fights him, Briggs and Ruby Red watch from a distance, waiting for their perfect photo-op. However, they did not need it as the action came to them, with The Utopian and Blackstar’s fight quickly moving into their space. Blackstar throws Sheldon Sampson aside, leaving Ruby Red and Briggs in trouble. But Brandon and Walter Sampson arrive with more superheroes to fight Blackstar.

Unfortunately, Barry Bishop, Vera, Briggs and other young superheroes are killed in the battle. Brandon gets emotional and tries to fight Blackstar one on one. His mother arrives to help, and while Blackstar repeatedly punches The Utopian, Walter takes control of Blackstar’s mind while the others beat and restrain him. Eventually, Blackstar frees himself from mind control and fights again. Blackstar starts to go nuclear, so Brandon super punches the villain to kill him.

There’s shock amongst the heroes and Sheldon tells his son that they do not kill. Brandon argues that Blackstar was about to take out half the state, along with his parents, but his father feels he took the easy way out and asks him to leave. Sheldon is dismayed that his son broke the Code.

Later, the supervillain corpse is on the table, when another Blackstar walks in, and he asks the heroes what the hell he is looking at. The Utopian in turn replies that it appears to be him.

Paper and Stone[]

Blackstar looks at what looks like a cloned version of him, and proceeds to ask who killed him? Blackstar then claims that it’s not him and that it’s simply a cheap copy of him.

Brandon is frustrated, as he remembers hearing his father’s words that he will “never be ready.” Blackstar mocks Brandon, stating he would have swallowed him whole, and is soon dragged away to return to maximum security prison. The Utopian is keen for answers, and Walter feels they need to cut the corpse open to find out.

Outside, the press is curious as to who the Union was fighting if it wasn’t the real Blackstar. Grace fields the answers to the journalists. There’s a single question that irks The Utopian due to a poll that claims 78% of Americans agree with Paragon’s execution of the supervillain.

When the dust settles, Sheldon tells Brandon that his actions reflect on the family. Brandon argues that he had to make a choice, it was either his father or Blackstar and he asks Sheldon if he would have done the same if it was him or Blackstar. Sheldon avoids the question and states how one day he will be gone, and Brandon will be the new Utopian. He reminds him that the only thing they have left is the Code. The father and son keep on disagreeing, with Sheldon telling his son to stay at the farm while things calm down.

All the Devils Are Here[]

As Chloe Sampson is out enjoying a rave late into the night. A man named Nick talks to her on the dance floor, and appears to know who she is. Janna Croft then runs up to her and hugs Chloe. Later, Chloe takes some drugs, but Janna warns them all by reminding them that they need to keep a clear head if Blackstar turns up. Tensions rise, and Chloe and Sierra end up facing off with each other. As Sierra uses her powers on Chloe, Nick freezes time, and reveals himself to be a wannabe superhero that calls himself “Nick of Time.”

What's the Use?[]

Over on the family farm, Grace wants to show her husband Sheldon some photos from her latest heroic venture. But Sheldon doesn’t appear to be all that interested. He then reveals that he has sent Brandon to the autopsy of Blackstar’s clone as he needs to see it. His wife is annoyed that he’s made that decision without consulting her, but Sheldon wants Brandon to see the consequences of his actions. Grace feels he is punishing their son and reminds him that Brandon is also human.

Meanwhile, Brandon tells Walter that every time he replays the battle with Blackstar, it becomes unclear in his head. Walter tells him that he made a decision, and nothing can change that. Mr. Wolfe then drops in for a visit to analyze the Blackstar corpse. He uses his powers to pull the body apart so that they can analyze the body further. Much to everyone's surprise, deeply embedded inside the corpse is a device. When Mr. Wolfe opens up the device, there’s a pocket watch inside.

Walter shows Sheldon and Grace the watch and they realize that it looks absolutely identical to his father’s watch. Walter believes that George Hutchence sent the device with the clone of Blackstar, but they are not sure why he would do so.

Cover Her Face[]

In the present, Grace Sampson notices that Brandon is in a possible romance with Ruby Red again. Brandon brings up how since Blackstar, everyone else in the field is tense, and he cannot stay on this farm anymore. He then brings up what’s good about setting an example if nobody follows it. His mother reminds him that it’s because it is the “right thing”.

Omnes Pro Uno[]

In the present, Walter offers to go into the mind of a clone of Blackstar, but there’s a risk that he could die. Grace believes Raikou, who is Walter’s daughter, can help, but Sheldon doesn’t want a contract killer in their group helping. Grace pushes back and asks Walter to find her.

Later, Walter tells the real Blackstar that he’s going to go into his clone’s brain. He wants to know if the villain is in contact with George Hutchence, but Blackstar denies any contact. An irritated Walter proceeds to tell Blackstar that when he’s done with his clone, there will be nothing left. He then leaves after telling the supervillain he is nothing like this brother.

Walter and Raikou work together to enter the clone’s mind. Distorted voices overlap each other, and Sheldon asks what he sees. Walt struggles and yells as he falls to the floor. Sheldon orders Raikou to help Walter, but she refuses. She then tells her uncle that she needs to keep Blackstar’s mind open, or Walter will never be able to get out.

How It All Ends[]

Petra Small alerts Sheldon and Brandon that the real Blackstar is now free in the prison.

Elsewhere, Walter continues to struggle inside the Blackstar clone’s mind, when suddenly he sees George sitting down and smoking a cigarette slowly. When George stands up, he reveals himself in his full superhero form. The two men end up fighting and out in the real world, Walter’s heart rate is going into critical condition as he is punched badly by George inside his mind, so Grace asks if he can enter the clone’s mind to help.

At the maximum-security prison, it has been locked down as the guards and superheroes look for Blackstar. Brandon surveys the place but ends up getting attacked from behind by Blackstar. Sheldon arrives, and Blackstar wants to test him on his Code. He asks if his son comes first or the Code. Sheldon knows if he kills Blackstar to save his son, the Union will lose its trust in the Code. Luckily, Sheldon doesn’t have to make a choice as Petra comes to help in the fight. Brandon remembers his father’s words when he claimed he was not close to being ready. So he puts Blackstar in a compromising position, and he has a choice to kill him. However, he chooses at that moment to follow the Code.

Meanwhile, Grace knows Skyfox gave Walter a message, which is why he let them go. Walter eventually shows her what it was by transferring it into her mind. She then sees visions of Sheldon and Brandon dead, with Skyfox standing over them victorious. Walter proceeds to explain that George cloned Blackstar, knowing that it would trouble the Union. He’s going after all of them. Grace vows that no one will hurt her family, and they will bring him to justice.

Raikou tells her father that she knows the real truth about how he was actually the one who cloned Blackstar and made it look like Skyfox did the whole thing. Raikou further reveals that she knows Walter orchestrated everything because wanted The Utopian and his son to be torn apart.


Powers and Abilities[]

Super strength: Blackstar possesses superhuman strength close to that of Utopian.

Dark Matter heart: Blackstar can project energy blast powerful enough to hurt Utopian.

Flight : Blackstar's suit has built-in rock jetpack and foot thrusters.

Super durability: Blackstar can take on Paragon and Utopian and their punches for a short time.





Season 1[]

Memorable Quotes[]


  • The hilltop fight scene between Blackstar and the Union heroes in Episode 101 was the most difficult fight to stage and achieve, and took six weeks of prep.
    • It’s one of the key scenes from the comics that the team wanted to visually adapt from panel to screen as closely as possible.