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All the Devils Are Here is the fourth episode of the first season of Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy. It is the fourth episode of the series overall.


With her partying spiraling out of control, Chloe nears rock bottom. Sheldon encounters hardship in his search for answers to the visions haunting him.


Chloe is out enjoying a rave late into the night. A man named Nick talks to her on the dance floor, and appears to know who she is. Janna then runs up to her and hugs Chloe. The other girls then proceed to invite Chloe to her table, but Chloe clearly does not want to be involved. After being told there’s bottle service, Chloe and Nick join the table anyway. Nick subsequently tells Chloe that they should drink all of Janna’s alcohol and then leave without chipping in. As it turns out, Janna and the group are superheroes and Chloe grew up with. Chloe takes some drugs, but Janna warns them all, reminding them that they need to keep a clear head if Blackstar turns up. Tensions rise, and Chloe and Sierra end up facing off with each other. As Sierra uses her powers on Chloe, Nick freezes time, and reveals himself to be a wannabe superhero that calls himself “Nick of Time.”

In 1929, Sheldon walks along dusty roads, and he comes across a couple trying to repair their car. The husband fears Sheldon, but he insists that all he wants are directions and helps the man change his tire. Afterwards, he gets out a map and shows it to the man. It’s his drawings. Sheldon can still see his father taunting him. With his mind under attack, Sheldon tells his father that he’s grinding him down. His father tells Sheldon that he should ask for help, or he will end up like him. Sheldon rings Jane to let her know that he’s alive. He apologizes and tells Jane that he loves her. However, Sheldon has to quickly go as he needs to help someone outside. He ends up getting punched to the floor.

A young girl picks up his map, and she says the windmill is at Millar farm.

In the present, Nick and Chloe return to Chloe’s apartment. She asks Nick if she should have gone to the funeral. She wonders if she should have “given a shit”. Nick tells her that this is her life, and she should do what feels right, not what other people think she should be doing. Those words evidently resonate with Chloe because the pair proceed to have sex.

The next morning, Chloe is panicking because she’s late for her latest photoshoot. Nick then reveals he is applying for the Union of Justice, which irks Chloe. He’s hoping that she puts in a good word for him. Chloe tells him the first thing her father will ask is, “can you take a punch?” and then she punches Nick through the wall. Chloe heads to the photoshoot and sniffs coke in between different takes to keep going. Eventually, they ask her to imitate a superhero pose her father did in his early years. An angry Chloe picks up the car and throws it.

Back in 1929, at the Millar farm, Sheldon heads there. He has some flashes of memories, and subsequently he remembers the place. Eventually, a farmer approaches him and points a gun. The farmer thinks he is from the bank, but Sheldon insists he isn’t who he thinks he is and saw this place in his head.

The farmer tells him he isn’t the only one that has seen this place in his head and that he’s had the visions himself. Sheldon explains they started when his father died after the wall street crash. The farmer describes his experiences after serving in the navy and asks him if he’s been listening to the sea. He states the sea found him after all these years, and the water always finds them.

The farmer asks if the person speaking to him is somebody close (referring to his father) and warns him that they will lie to him. The farmer then shoots himself in the head.

In Present-day, Chloe is dropped from her modeling agency and down on her luck, she picks up the bag from the briefcase. Chloe learns that her actions in the photoshoot have lost her all the endorsements. In the process of arguing with her agent, she bumps into Hutch and his friends when they accidentally crash into her. She then takes the bag from the briefcase that they had stolen. Chloe heads home and takes some of the powder that looks like tiny crystals from the bag and snorts it. Suddenly, she gasps and laughs hysterically. She rings her friend Kaitlyn and tells her to get over to her apartment, claiming she’s scored good shit.

Chloe organizes a party, but her landlord eventually comes over and tells her he is serving her an eviction notice and tries to kick her and her friends out. However, Kaitlyn repairs the hole in the wall with her powers that the landlord was complaining about. Chloe asks him to get out of her apartment and threatens him with her own power.

Back in 1929, the longer Sheldon stays on the farm in 1929, the longer he feels visions and voices coming to him. The farmer whispers to him, “go” repeatedly. Walter eventually finds Sheldon at the farm, and he tells his brother that he’s ready to come home. However, he can hear numbers repeating in his head that are clearly coordinates for a place somewherein the sea.

In the present, Chloe ends up throwing up, so Janna helps her. Chloe remarks that Brandon wants to be his father. She tells Janna that she doesn’t have friends because she’s an asshole. Janna tells her that she is better than this, but Chloe disagrees. Late in the night and sobbing, Chloe contemplates ringing her mother before smashing up her phone. She gets out more of the drugs and snorts it. Eventually, she breathes raggedly, and her nose bleeds before smashing into the glass coffee table. She begins choking on her own vomit. Hutch shows up and sees the bag is almost empty.



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